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To accelerate the change we want to see in the world


'Positive impact' projects only


Impact Design, Digital Product Design, Strategy & Business Design, Service Design, Branding, Research & Insights

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We are a Certified B Corp

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.


Michael Boschmans

Founder & Head of Business Design

As our founder and Head of Impact, Michael uses business as a force for good. He combines the design thinking and scaling lean methodologies to co-create stronger business models, strategies, brands and services. He loves to create a positive impact, soccer, traveling (Latin America!) and nature walks with his wonderful wife and daughters.

Diana Garcia

Head of Growth & B Corp Certification

As our Head of Growth, Diana approaches her role with a community-building lens. She combines international B Corp, business development & marketing experience to help us foster partnerships for impact. She is a movement maker, and hopes to make ripples of change within the global B Corp Movement. As a movie fanatic, in her free time she can be found rewatching classics while eating Ben & Jerry's.

Kristien Van Wilderode

Art Director & UX Designer

As our Art Director, UX Designer and Illustrator, Kristien combines a wide range of skills. She leverages her creativity to create impactful brands, illustrations and designs. Through her sound knowledge of front-end development and her truly user-centric focus, she’s able to create digital designs that perfectly match the users’ needs, and enrich their experience without losing sight of the usability of the back-end. In her spare time, she’s most likely to be found running, drawing, gaming, or cuddling with her pets.

Janao Denys

Business & Service Designer

As a Business and Service Designer, Janao leverages her strategic insight and problem-solving mentality to create real positive impact. She is passionate about human- and planet-centric design, and uses this mindset to build solutions that change the lives of its users for the better. Complexity doesn’t scare her, on the contrary she sees this as an opportunity to create real systemic change. In her free time you can find her hanging from a climbing wall, sailing the North Sea or showering her cat with cuddles.

Helena De Smedt

UX/UI Designer

As our UX/UI Designer and Graphic Designer, Helena is specialized in creating highly engaging designs and user-friendly experiences. Her high-end designs are impactful and always reflect the mission and character of the organization. She’s a strong illustrator capable of producing highly customized illustrations in a broad range of styles. Outside Quest, you can find her in a sports class, experimenting in the kitchen, or sipping a latte in a local coffee bar with her friends or colleagues.

Yolan Cristoria

Digital Designer & Developer

As our Digital Designer & Developer, Yolan is responsible for the development of the websites and platforms we build for our customers. As a naturally curious person, he’s eager to always learn about new techniques and uses these to push his development work to the next level. Yolan describes himself as a digital creative with a rich inner world. In his spare time, you can find Yolan playing the piano, grabbing a drink with his friends, philosophizing, or taking his cute golden retriever for a walk.


Great brands and organizations are driven by purpose, not just profit. They understand that business can – and should be – a force for good.

  • They put people first, always.
    They find solutions to problems,
    not problems to solutions.
  • They inspire, evoke emotions, and ignite desires.
    They are authentic and transparent,
    because they can and want to,
    not because they need to.

We are 100% dedicated to creating and building the brands and organizations above. The ones that are truly meaningful to us and our planet.

  • We design human-centered solutions and experiences that maximize their impact and improve people’s lives.
  • We study their context before we make them thrive.
    Because the difference is in the details,
    and life’s too short to build something nobody wants.
  • We experiment, we iterate and we learn.
  • We challenge, we simplify and we co-create.

We are Quest