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Quest represented at the global Spinup Innovation Summit

25 February 2021

Our founder Michael will discuss ‘customer-centric innovation in the circular economy’ at the Spinup Innovation Summit, a virtual conference focussed on enabling the circular economy.

What will you learn?

Research shows that 72% of new products and services fail. Michael will explain how to avoid a new flop. He’ll discuss (amongst others):

  • how to understand users and find the right problems to solve
  • why Henry Ford’s faster horses quote is completely misused
  • finding the impact innovation sweet spot
  • solving the right problem the right way
  • the importance of finding product-market fit
  • the principles of impact design thinking

Michael will also give attendees an overview of practical tools and methods to start with customer-centric innovation.

When and where?

When: 22 May at 2 PM

Where: You can register for the conference by following this link. It’s completely free and more than 1,000 circular economy enthusiasts have already registered.
More than 300 people have already subscribed to Michael’s talk, so make sure to secure your spot quickly.

Janao Denys

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How can we help you?

Curious to learn how we can help you reach your goals faster? Feel free to schedule an introductory call with our founder Michael.

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