Tackling the financing gap in regenerative apparel

Tackling the financing gap in regenerative apparel

The Good Fashion Fund

The Good Fashion Fund is a first-of-its-kind initiative to create systemic change in the textile & apparel industry by financing the implementation of highly impactful & disruptive production technologies in Asia. By doing so, the Good Fashion Fund helps manufacturers and operators in India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh to build a restorative and regenerative apparel supply chain.
With our customer Fashion For Good as their founding partner, The Good Fashion Fund helps accelerate the call for more sustainable & regenerative fashion.

We all know that ‘business as usual’ will not result in the fashion industry being a true force for good. Innovation is critically needed. And yet, without sufficient funding, many innovations are unable to scale.

– Leslie Johnston, Chief Executive Officer Laudes Foundation


How can we increase visibility for restorative and regenerative apparel supply chain funding?

As the existing UX partner for Fashion For Good, we clearly understood The Good Fashion Fund’s needs and goals. As GFF is a non-profit whose entire mission is to provide long-term funding, we knew this project needed to be low-cost & high-impact.

A Clear and Consistent Presence
Through conversations with the GGF team, we knew first and foremost that this new website needed to be consistent with Fashion For Good’s modular design. This new website also needed to communicate the value this Good Fashion Fund had to offer to both circular innovators and Investees.

With this insight, we highlighted what aspects of the fashion supply chain their investments affect. This change provides a clear picture of the direct impact the partners are making with their investments.

Visit the dedicated Good Fashion Fund website to see how they are tackling the financing gap in regenerative apparel.

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