Quest is an impact design studio that solely supports purpose-driven organizations to measure, communicate and maximize their impact through strategy and design.

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Communicating your B Corp impact
Loïs, there is synergy in our values to make a better future and I'd love to connect and see how we can help you communicate and maximize your impact!
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Growth strategy and positioning

Creating a sustainable growth strategy and strong positioning for Onbetaalbaar.

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Client question

How should we reposition ourselves in a highly competitive market?


An inspiring website to match the momentum of radical change

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Impact Scan

You will gain insight into what you are doing well and where you need to improve in order to stay ahead or to at least follow the competition.

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Encouraging giving behavior through optimized design

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How to conduct a materiality assessment

Thinking of performing a materiality assessment for your organization, but uncertain what that would entail? In this piece I’ll explain the what, why and how of a materiality assessment.

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Strategy & Business Design

We help organizations of all sizes to monetize and market sustainable solutions for actual needs.

Setting up and launching the Limit Your Footprint Programme

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Creating an impact baseline for a flooring company

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