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Impact Design: The art of building and scaling positive impact solutions

Learn what it takes to build and scale positive impact solutions effectively. We show you how to make sustainable profitable and to make profit sustainable.

Why is this important?

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Integrate impact into your workflow

Learn how to include impact in your day-to-day thinking, products, and services.

72% of new products and services fail

We show you how to build the impactful products and services your customers actually need and want to pay for.

Actionable methodologies and tools

We’ll explain a plethora of hands-on, often custom developed, tools and methodologies and offer you lifetime access to them.

Training Options



    A short, inspiring session in which we’ll explain key impact design thinking methodologies, tools and a number of inspiring cases.

    Keynote DEI Diana

    What to expect

    • What are all the different aspects of an impact/sustainability/ESG strategy?

    • Finding the impact innovation sweet spot: how to solve the right user problems in the most impactful way?

    • Inspiring industry examples and best practices

    • Basic methodologies and tools to get started with impact design thinking

  • Time indication: 1-4 days

    In-house training

    A training fully tailored to your company’s needs and specific situation. We teach your employees what it takes to build and scale positive impact solutions, while taking into account your business strategy and stakeholder needs.

    What to expect?

    • Why do we need positive impact solutions to scale?

    • What not to do: key mistakes made when building and scaling impact solutions

    • Finding the impact innovation sweet spot: how to solve the right problems in the most impactful way?

    • How to engage all key stakeholders in your journey?

    • Impact positioning: how to stand out while your competitors are greenwashing?

    • Exercises, workshops and tools to implement all learnings in your company, across all departments

Schedule a call 20min

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  • Company intros
  • Discuss needs and goals
  • Explain curriculum and approach

Other Keynotes & Trainings

You’re B Corp certified: now what?

B Corp certification cannot be the end goal of your impact strategy. It’s a start. A solid foundation for an impact strategy and roadmap. We’ll explain how to improve your impact and upgrade your score whenever you have to recertify.

Fundraising tactics for NGOs and NPOs

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