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Business Strategy

We help organizations of all sizes monetize and market sustainable solutions for actual needs. We know how to scale positive impact solutions and how to make impact profitable without compromising on vision, authenticity, or culture.

  • Positioning

    Have trouble reaching product-market fit? We find the most beneficial position for your organization in the market. And then we help you reach, monitor, and maintain that position.

  • Customer journey & experience optimization

    We look for ways to increase your customer satisfaction and retention rate by taking your customer experience to a higher level.

    Brand Experience

    Optimizing your customer or user journeys

    What does your current customer journey look like and how can you improve it so that it meets the needs of your customers, users, and organization better?

    • Mapping current customer journeys, along with the frustrations and needs of your major stakeholders
    • In-depth stakeholder interviews
    • Ideation on how to improve customer journeys
    • Hands-on roadmap to reach your end goals
    • Co-creation workshops with all relevant departments to get everyone on board and aligned

    A service blueprint for your organization

    You know your goals in terms of user and customer experience, but how do you make sure all departments are perfectly aligned and know how to contribute to those goals? Enter the service blueprint.

    • A full description of all necessary organization processes
    • Tailored processes co-created with all relevant departments
    • Focus on efficiency and sustainability
  • Idea de-risking

    You think you have a brilliant (product) idea, but you’re not sure whether to pursue your dreams. We’ve been there. We know what it takes to de-risk an idea, and turn it into a validated MVP or even a full-blown product. We give you all the confidence it takes to launch your concept or start pitching it to investors.

    Idea de-risking
  • Business model design & validation

    We analyze the market potential and define all possible revenue model options to shape, monetize and de-risk your idea.

    Business model design & validation

Our approach

Impact design thinking meets scaling lean

We apply the principles of design thinking and Ash Maurya’s scaling lean approach and mix it up with our vision on how to use business as a force for good. In all our strategic projects, we apply a strong research-driven approach and look for a balance between:

  • Stakeholder needs
  • Business needs and financial possibilities
  • Technology
  • (Potential) impact
Business strategy workshop for Nyala

No fluff, to-the-point advice

We don’t believe in fluff or putting up a show. We try to get to your end goal as effectively and efficiently as possible. (Y)our resources are precious so why spend more when it’s not necessary? Everything we do in a project has a specific purpose.

You also hire us for our specific expertise, so we promise to always give straightforward advice. That means we don’t always say what you like, but we always say what you need.

Business strategy workshop

Need help with your broader business strategy?

If you believe in a hands-on, straightforward, and human-centered approach with a focus on implementation, then we might be a good fit for your organization.

Focus on implementation

Too many external strategy consultant projects end up never being implemented. That’s why we embed implementation in our approach from the start.

  • Make sure all major stakeholders are on board
  • Hands-on, tangible roadmap with tactics, deadlines, and responsibilities
  • Monitoring and follow-up after delivery
Business strategy workshop for Onbetallbaar

Schedule a call 20min

Schedule a free discovery call with one of our strategy experts to discover whether we’re a good match for your organization.

  • Company intros
  • Discuss key challenges
  • Explaining our vision and approach

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