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Impact Design

You want to measure, increase and communicate about your positive impact but don’t know where to start? We create and implement impact strategies that benefit the planet, your stakeholders, and your organization’s market position.

Let’s maximize your impact and make the world a better place together.

Recent customer questions

How can we become more sustainable and limit our footprint without losing our competitive edge and current profits?

Can you write our sustainability report?

Our non-profit organization needs a new fundraising strategy.

Can you help us define our impact strategy?

What’s the perfect business model and impact strategy for the non-profit organization 3.0?

Can you help us become a B Corp?

How can we stimulate organizations and governments to make use of unconditional cash transfers?

How can we create a new mindset among NGOs and non-profit organizations?

How can we maximize and measure our impact?


Impact Strategy

You want to measure, increase and accelerate your positive impact but don’t know where to start? Let’s talk.

Impact Reporting

We write and design your sustainability report and make sure it complies with GRI standards.

B Corp Certification

We guide you through the B Impact assessment and help you raise your score in order to become a B Corp certified company.

Fundraising Strategy

You need more funds to maximize your impact? We help you set up a balanced and sustainable fundraising strategy.

Corporate Activism

We help your organization to take on an activist role and grow customer base along the way.

Circular Economy

The future is circular and we can help you to shape that future.


We learn from the strategies found in nature to solve design problems, find meaningful innovations and craft regenerative solutions.



A human-centric approach to reports

  • Digital Product Design
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Business as a force for good
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Shaping the services of The Focus Academy

  • Service Design
  • Health & well-being
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Other services

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