Impact Strategy

We help organizations measure their current impact, define materialities and create a sustainability strategy that maximizes their positive impact. With authenticity, without greenwashing. The goal: make sustainable profitable and profit sustainable.

Let’s maximize your impact and make the world a better place together.

  • Impact Strategy

    With our Impact Scan program, we measure, visualize, and benchmark your current impact actions. With our Impact Accelerator program, we define materialities, set tangible targets, and create a long-term sustainability strategy that strongly improves your competitive position.

    Impact Strategy

    Impact Scan Program

    The impact scan program helps you to measure all negative and positive impacts of your organization and compare yourself to the industry average and benchmark in terms of sustainability.

    • Visual overview of your organization’s impact
    • Extensive competitor insights in terms of sustainability positioning
    • Industry average and benchmark comparison
    Quest Impact Scan
  • B Corp Certification

    B Corp is the most trusted label in sustainability. Mostly because the assessment is so thorough and certification is hard to achieve. Our experts can guide you through the B Impact Assessment and design a strategy to help you become a B Corp-certified company.

  • Impact Reporting

    We write and design your sustainability report and make sure it complies with all relevant frameworks and GRI standards. 100% authenticity, 0% greenwashing.

  • Fundraising Strategy

    Do you need more funds to maximize your impact? We know how to make startups investor-ready and how to create additional, sustainable revenue streams for nonprofits.

    Fundraising Strategy

Our Approach

Our very own Impact Scan

We use our impact scan as the foundation for all impact strategies. The Quest Impact Scan gives you a full visual picture of the current state of sustainability in your company.

Quest Impact Scan

Sustainability as a competitive advantage

A sustainability strategy is more than a roadmap full of actions. Every choice needs to be strategic and align with your business strategy. We listen to your needs and analyze your competitors to make sure your sustainability strategy results in a stronger market position for your company.

  • Clear insights into competitor actions and market trends
  • Compare your performance with industry averages and benchmarks
  • Get inspired by best practices from other sectors
  • Go from ad-hoc to strategic actions with a clear goal
Forest symbolizing sustainability

Schedule a call 20min

Schedule a free discovery call with one of our impact experts to discover we’re a good match for your organization.

  • Company intros
  • Discuss key challenges
  • Explaining our vision and approach

Relevant Cases

Creating an impact strategy for a flooring company

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