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Research & Insights

Understanding needs, jobs to be done, frustrations, and markets is key to creating the right strategic solution or design.

Recent customer questions

Can you help us understand this segment better?

Does our app prototype meet the needs of potential users?

How can we understand the day-to-day problems of Ugandans without actually travelling there?


User Research

We dig deep and deliver actionable insights on your stakeholders.

Usability Testing

We check how a user interacts with your (digital) product or service and find out how we can improve the user experience.


We create validated user and buyer personas that will allow you to understand your users and buyers better.

Market Research

We analyze your competitors and the market you’re operating in and tell you what that should mean for your organization.

Cultural Probe

The ideal method to obtain unbiased insights into the everyday challenges, goals and needs of your users and customers.

Ethnographic Research

Directly observing users and customers in their natural environment and when they’re interacting with your organization helps us to create tailored customer experiences.



Creating an impact baseline for a flooring company

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A mindful growth strategy for a nonprofit

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