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Service Design

We design effective and engaging services that will increase the satisfaction and retention rate of your customers and employees.

Recent customer questions

What should our customer experience look like?

How can we streamline our services?

How can we create a consistent, global museum experience?

How can we improve the customer journey for all our segments?

What’s the perfect business model and impact strategy for the non-profit organization 3.0?

How can we maximize and measure our impact?


Customer/user journey

What does your current customer journey look like and how can you improve it so that it meets the needs of your customers, users and organization better?

Customer Experience Strategy

How can you increase your customer satisfaction and retention rate by taking your customer experience to a higher level?

Experience Design

How can we design interactions with your customers so that they trigger engagement, ignite emotions, inspire and create lasting memories?

Service Blueprint

What should your organizational processes look like in order to deliver an optimized customer experience?

Service Innovation

How can you make your service better, more efficient and/or more sustainable?



Creating a human-centric impact strategy for a new non-profit organization

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Repositioning Tomato Masters

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