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Strategy & Business Design

We help organizations of all sizes to monetize and market sustainable solutions for actual needs.

Recent customer questions

Can you be our marketing sparring partner?

How can we create a sustainable business model?

How should we reposition ourselves in a highly competitive market?

Is this the right idea to focus on?

Can you help us turn this into a profitable business?

How can we generate more revenue without doing more?

How should we position ourselves?

How can we become more sustainable and limit our footprint without losing our competitive edge and current profits?

Can you help us define our impact strategy?

What’s the perfect business model and impact strategy for the non-profit organization 3.0?

How can we maximize and measure our impact?

How can we prepare ourselves for the world after COVID-19?


Business Model Design & Validation

We analyze the market potential and define all possible revenue model options to shape, monetize and de-risk your idea.

Value Proposition Design

Having trouble reaching product-market fit? We help you find and create the right pain relievers and gain creators for your target group.


We find the most beneficial position for your organization in the market. And then we help you reach, monitor and maintain that position.


Need new ideas for your startup, service or product? We organize structured brainstorm sessions and make sure you keep focusing your customers’ jobs to be done.

Content Marketing Strategy

We (help you) create relevant, valuable content consistently, to attract and retain customers from a well-defined target group.



An inspiring website to match the momentum of radical change

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Growth strategy and positioning

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