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A human-centric approach to reports

Fashion For Good

Fashion for Good (FFG) is an Innovation Platform that brings together the entire fashion ecosystem as a convenor for change. The foundation opened the world’s very first museum dedicated to sustainable fashion innovation in Amsterdam.


With its accelerator program, FFG has become a resource hub. It publishes a variety of open-source circular apparel tools, guides, reports, and thought leadership pieces. 

Making Libraries Accessible

A simple, easy-to-use library 

As FFG continues to grow, so will its publications and research articles. With an influx in materials and research, it will continue to get harder to have pieces stand out.  They came to us to encourage readers to interact with the materials that were of best use to them.


As part of their library of resources, we created a few small yet impactful changes to help users identify the most relevant information. First and foremost, we created a user-friendly drop-down menu that allows users to filter resources based on topic category, publication year, and theme. 

An optimized resource library for Fashion For Good

To go a step further, just as we did for their events pages, we also developed easy-to-use tags for FFG to integrate into their images online. These tags are another way to filter topic categories that allow users with different needs to view the resources.

Engaging & Interactive Reports

Engaging Reading Experience
As we continue to upgrade the user experience of the FFG websites, we knew that simplifying and organizing their resources was not enough. The reports themselves needed to entice users to want to participate, click or download.

By sectioning out the reports and making them easy to read, users interact with the material differently than before. Previously, users would download reports and would have to scroll the entire document. With this latest upgrade, users can click at the point that is useful and interesting to them.

For accessibility purposes, we also kept both download and online versions of these reports to support all needs.

A human-centric approach to reports

Visit their Resource Library and explore the incredible research and insights of Fashion For Good. Looking to engage your audiences with your research? Schedule a free consultation with our team.

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