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A lead generating website for a Californian climate tech scale up

About Full Cycle

Full Cycle is a California-based biotechnology company that addresses three major global issues: plastic pollution, food waste and climate change. How? They transform organic waste into PHA, a high-performing, compostable alternative to oil-based plastics.

The Challenge

After we revamped the Full Cycle brand, the company also asked us to upgrade their website:

  • How can it be improved so that it generates more leads?
  • How can their message be simplified so that it converts and everyone understands their goals and impact?
  • What’s the value proposition to highlight for each target group?

Key messaging & tone of voice

We determined what the key messages for every target group and what the tone of voice of the company should be. With a product like Full Cycle’s it’s easy to get lost in the technology. We focused on finding that perfect balance between scientific lingo & accessibility and between storytelling (impact, circularity) & maximizing conversion.

Impactful design

We made use of the wonderful custom illustrations we made for Full Cycle and integrated (an animated version of) them into the website. Check it out for yourself!

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