Our growing team welcomes our newest UX/UI Designer

As our company continues to grow its impact, so does our team. We are happy to announce our newest addition, Helena De Smedt. Yes, our team continues to empower talented women in these roles (sorry, Michael)!

A Holistic UX/UI Designer

Helena is a UX/UI designer with front-end development knowledge. She also is trained as a brand and product designer. She uses all her skill sets to create user-friendly and impactful designs that are future-proof.

She has a variety of agency and in-house design experience. She will bring internal client insights to an agency setting. She holds a bachelor’s in ‘cross-media design’ and two post-graduate degrees in ‘Experience Architecture’ and ‘Brand & Packaging Design’ from Arteveldehogeschool and Luca School of Arts.

As she finished her second post-graduate degree, she worked full-time as an Application Specialist for Four Pees, where she supported, trained, and implemented (automation) software for the graphical industry. Yes, she does it all.

Before her in-house experience, she worked at a few small & medium-sized agencies where she learned to manage small and large scale projects from the food & drink industry to health & wellbeing.

In her free time, she pursues a holistic lifestyle, finding ways to balance her wellbeing from mind, body, to spirit. We look forward to her sharing her wisdom.

The Future To Come

As she takes on her role as our UX/UI designer, Helena will be working side-by-side with our Art Director on branding, UX/UI, and illustration projects. She will lead our inclusive and sustainable web design to make sure our clients have the most responsible web design deliverables.

Welcome to your impact adventure, Helena! We are just getting started. 

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