Our Impact

Quest is an international Impact Consultancy on a mission to transform how organizations measure, maximize, and communicate their positive impact. We’re a powerhouse that blends ESG and strategic consulting with communication and design expertise. We help impact-driven organizations in their growth journey and guide those not there yet through making the switch.

We are a Certified B Corp!

When we initially joined the B Corp movement in 2019, we were among the first 15 Belgian B Corps. In 2023, we recertified with a 35-point increase, moving from an 87.4 to a 122.7 score. As a trained B Leader, we support other companies on their B Corp journey through our B Corp (re)certification program.

Closely collaborating with B Lab Europe and its local teams, we’ve been growing the B Corp movement in the Benelux region, leading different community initiatives focused on JEDI, Climate action, Impact measurement, and more 

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Habitats: our non-profit answer to the climate and biodiversity crisis

As an impact-driven company, we’re always looking for ways to maximize our direct and indirect impact. After thorough but unfruitful research on CO2 neutrality, we decided to invest our financial and people resources in what truly matters: our biodiversity. Partnering with Starling Travel, Sonderling, and Biota, we launched Habitats, a non-profit network on a mission to start, fund and scale biodiversity conservation & restoration projects, the number one strategy to mitigate climate change, in cooperation with local and indigenous communities.

Impact-driven projects

At Quest, we’re known for proudly boasting about our commitment to purpose-driven projects. The reason? We firmly believe in the balance of people, planet, and profit, and supporting projects that do not seek real positive change won’t achieve that balance. By partnering with those committed to driving positive impact, we contribute to enhancing and growing sustainability across industries.

Digital Sustainability

We create green and inclusive digital experiences that help your organization and customers seamlessly reach their goals. Low-carbon, fully accessible and SEO-optimized to guarantee a minimal impact on our planet and an optimal impact on your business.

Impact Ecosystem

The world is in dire need of shifting toward a regenerative future, and we need all hands on deck for this to happen. That’s why, we’re currently growing our impact ecosystem to better support this systems change – ready to partner?