Check list to make sure our client focusing on driving positive impact

Committing to positive impact

At Quest Studio, our mission is to make a truly meaningful impact for people, our community and most importantly, our planet. No BS. No greenwashing, only positive impact. As a service provider, we asked ourselves: how can we make a bigger impact through our work? The answer? By selecting the right projects to work on.

Impact-driven projects only

At Quest Studio, we are rather selective when it comes to the projects we work on. In our early years, we refused more revenue than we earned. The reason? The projects just didn’t align with our vision. We still believe this is the right way to go. Yes, that means we made it harder on ourselves. There are many difficult decisions that occasionally turn into moral conversations about profitability in business. In short, we believe in the balance of people, planet and profit and supporting a project that does not seek real positive change won’t help that balance.

How Quest Studio drives positive impact

Our Criteria

We’re known for proudly boasting about our exclusive commitment to purpose-driven projects. We strive to stay true to this commitment by having clear criteria and selection processes in place. 

For the most part, our clients already have a clear purpose integrated into their business model. Positive impact is a key part of their DNA, such as volunteer platforms, and climate tech solutions. We give priority, although not exclusively, to the following industries: 

Aside from these impact-driven spaces, we also look for verified purpose in other ways. As a certified B Corporation, we rely on the thoroughness of the B Corp certification process.

Additionally, we do not commit ourselves to projects when we believe:

  • they’ll have a negative impact, causing harm to people and the planet.
  • the organization wants to use our work to greenwash the negative impact of their company and have no intention at all to make a real positive change.
  • they’re coming from a troubled industry and this project isn’t going to change anything about that. This includes projects with

    – Oil and gas companies
    – Companies related to arms, ammunition and conflict
    – Tobacco & Gambling companies
    – Loan sharks

Our Alignment Process

Although most of our clients have an obvious positive impact, we also often receive requests from organizations where the impact focus is less clear. In these cases, we conduct an internal scan, that includes answering the following questions:

  1. Is the organization supported by leadership? How do management and the board look at impact? Are they willing to make a – sometimes radical – change?
  2. Is there a significant disconnect between what they say and what they do? Basically: are they saying they (want to) do more than they actually do?
  3. Do they want us to work on their branding, website, customer experience, etc.? They need to have a clear impact strategy in place. If they do not have an authentic strategy, will they agree on us working with them to develop it?
  4. Lastly, are they a good fit for our team? All of our team members are trained impact-warriors and wouldn’t accept working for a company that doesn’t align with our vision. So if there’s even the slightest doubt, we vote.

Want to drive positive impact?

Quest Studio is on a mission to design a more sustainable future for the planet and people.

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