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B2B and B2C customers are increasingly demanding ethical practices and transparency in the fashion industry. The time has come to reshape the fast fashion business model.

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Whether you’re a (starting) sustainable fashion brand or a large corporate ready to make the shift, we’re here to help your organization drive that change.

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A human-centric approach to reports

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A human-centric approach to reports

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A visual identity and website for the most ambitious blueprint for circular fashion

New Cotton Project, an ambitious consortium of 12 organizations spanning 7 countries, received 6 million EUR of the European Union to create a circular fashion industry blueprint. We were asked to create a visual identity and website for the consortium.

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New EU regulation aims to tackle fast fashion: what to expect?

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A lead generating website for a Californian climate tech scale up

Full Cycle, a California-based biotechnology scale-up turning organic waste into bioplastics asked us to create a website that brings them more relevant leads.

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Setting up a resale channel: mistakes to avoid

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A new logo and visual identity for Full Cycle

Full Cycle bioplastics, a California-based biotechnology company tackling plastic pollution, climate change and food waste all at once, asked us to create a new brand and visual identity for their company.

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The UX partner of Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good is a platform for sustainable innovation and a global movement of changemakers in the fashion industry. The global initiative brings together the entire apparel industry to innovate and collaborate for good fashion. The foundation even opened the world’s very first museum dedicated to sustainable fashion innovation in Amsterdam.

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Tackling the financing gap in regenerative apparel

We designed and developed an easy-to-use modular site for the Good Fashion Fund to help tackle the financing gap in regenerative apparel.

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