Pushing circular textile within EU consortium

Pushing circular textile within EU consortium

What is RegioGreenTex?

Regions for Green Textiles – known as RegioGreenTex – is a partnership initiative aiming at mapping and reducing the pitfalls that currently exist in the implementation of a circular economy model within the textile ecosystem across the EU. How? 

  • Mapping the gaps and weaknesses among regions and clusters with different levels of circular economy applications and different levels of economic development 
  • Unifying the European sustainable textile market by meeting demand and offering on the same digital platform 
  • Developing focused pilot projects to accelerate the creation, development, and use of new textile materials with increased recycled content by sharing technologies and methodologies
  • Create five regional textile recycling hubs in line with the ReHubs initiative, and consistent with the EU textile strategy, and meeting the needs of SMEs
  • RegioGreenTex ultimately aims to generate investment opportunities at regional level beyond the project.
RegioGreenTex kick off meeting

What is Quest’s role?

RegioGreenTex brings together 43 partners from 11 European regions, and at Quest Impact Design Studio we are incredibly proud to be one of the 24 SMEs pioneering innovative solutions to recycle textile waste. 

Together, the SMEs cover various value chain segments of circular textiles (sorting, recycling from material to fiber, removal of contaminants, processing of recycled fibers into new textile materials) and provide concrete solutions to EU value chain bottlenecks but also seize upon market opportunities.

At Quest Studio, our focus is on driving innovation and R&D efforts toward developing circular value chains for clothing, with a particular emphasis on designing from discarded textiles. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing business models and tools that can help the textile industry adopt more sustainable design processes. We’re committed to keeping production, communication, and cost/business models in mind to ensure that our solutions are scalable and market-ready. Ultimately, our main goal is to increase the availability of better choices for the planet and people, showcasing a new normal in fashion design and production that is both sustainable and adaptable to large scale.


RegioGreenTex promotes the collaboration in research and development between 43 partners from the four major sectors of society – industry, government, research institutes, and the public – for the textile industry. Partners come from 11 regions in 8 European countries:

Regions of RegioGreenTex

The European Green Deal framework

This three-year project that kicked off last February will contribute to the EU Green Deal objectives of reducing carbon footprint, energy and water consumption by reshoring textile production in Europe and making the EU textile value chain more competitive and resilient. 

RegioGreenTex is supported by the European Commission through the Interregional Innovation Investments Instrument and will be coordinated by the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA).

As part of the European Regional and Development Fund (ERDF), the initiative aims to support interregional innovation projects in their commercialization and scale-up phases, giving them the tools to bring their project to the investment level. This instrument focuses on strengthening economic cohesion in the EU by helping businesses work with innovation actors in other regions.

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Co-funded by the European Union

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