A strategic digital experience for the apparel industry
The challenge

Creating a strategic digital experience for an Industry-leader in sustainable apparel

Impact Area: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion
Navigating a complex landscape with multiple stakeholders, from brands, manufacturers, and affiliate partners, Cascale (formerly SAC) needed to align all their audience journeys into one cohesive digital experience. Leveraging our multi-stakeholder expertise in the sustainable fashion space, through work with Global Fashion Agenda and Fashion for Good, amongst others, this partnership was a clear match. We dove in and crafted a website to meet all of Cascale’s stakeholders’ needs and more.

Our services

About Cascale

The driving force in sustainable fashion

Cascale is a global non-profit alliance of over 300 leading consumer goods brands, retailers, manufacturers, sourcing agents, service providers, trade associations, NGOs, and academic institutions spanning every facet of the global value chain, for apparel, footwear, textiles, home furnishings, sporting and outdoor goods, as well as bags and luggage.

Formerly known as the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Cascale is dedicated to realizing a collective vision of an industry that gives back more than it takes. Cascale’s overarching mission is to revolutionize business practices to achieve exponential positive impact through pioneering tools, collaborative partnerships, and leadership in fostering sustainable practices across the sector.

Our solution

Empowering Cascale's impact through a cohesive digital experience

The complexity of both Cascale’s stakeholder ecosystem and the challenges of its apparel industry called for a new digital platform to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and amplify its vision of sustainability.

As a strategic design consultancy, we understand the pivotal role that digital communication plays in scaling the influential message of sustainability. By developing a strategically-led digital solution, we helped empower Cascale to engage with its diverse audiences, drive meaningful dialogue, and catalyze collective action toward sustainability.

From start to finish, our focus remained on refining a website experience to address the challenges of the apparel industry. By prioritizing accessible design and intuitive navigation, we enhanced the user experience to foster deeper engagement with its mission and initiatives. Through interactive features and dynamic content, the new website serves as a powerful catalyst for driving awareness, advocacy, and action within the industry.

Do you need help creating a lead-generating yet sustainable website?

We create and develop efficient, accessible, and sustainable digital solutions that stand the test of time and are designed to scale with your growth.

The result

Supporting Cascale in spearheading enhanced collaboration & communication across the sustainable apparel industry.

Cascale’s digital experience is more than just a website overhaul; it is a strategic investment in advancing sustainability efforts within the apparel industry. By facilitating greater connectivity, collaboration, and communication among stakeholders, the website serves as a cornerstone for driving positive change and catalyzing collective impact. As we continue to evolve and innovate, we remain committed to empowering organizations like Cascale to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future.

Our Impact

How do we know if Cascale's digital solution is succeeding?

Determining the success of Cascale’s new digital solution requires more than just a glance at surface metrics. As with all our impact-driven projects, we implement a comprehensive proactive project tracking system to gauge the digital experience of Cascale’s audiences and beyond. This meticulous approach allows us to delve deeper into the effectiveness of the digital platform on a monthly basis with the Cascale team.

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