Becoming a B Corp as a multi-brand organization with a complex supply chain
The challenge

Becoming B Corp Certified: a multi-brand organization with a complex supply chain

Impact Area: Sustainable Food Systems

Last year, health and personal care organization, KeyPharm approached us for guidance in their pursuit of B Corp certification. Though we support companies through our B Corp certification approach, we created a unique approach for KeyPharm to tackle the following:

  • Navigating the assessment as a multi-brand business with a complex organization structure 
  • Facilitating the evaluation verification phase with proven documentation
  • Aligning all impact programs and initiatives into an effective roadmap to improvement 
  • Helping with integration through training on the continuous life after certification
About KeyPharm

Scientific research and innovation and a strong commitment to sustainability

KeyPharm is a dynamic force in the health industry and the powerhouse behind brands; Physalis, Biotona, and Pureté Bio. With a steadfast commitment to product efficiency, the company relies on natural raw materials and standardized, concentrated, and clinically tested ingredients. 

At the core of the KeyPharm vision and strategy lies scientific research, innovation, and a strong focus on sustainability. The multi-brand company is not a stranger to impact certifications, audits, or frameworks as they manage some of the highest quality certifications with ISO, Organic, MSC, and IFS, to name a few.

A photo of the front of KeyPharm HQ
PC: KeyPharm
PC: KeyPharm
Our impact

KeyPharm became a high point B Corp leading the way in their industry in Belgium

  • 94
    B Corp score
  • 1%
    donation commitment
  • 100%
    of suppliers evaluated

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The result

An exceptional certification result for an exceptional company

During the certification process, our target for KeyPharm was a score of 90, but they surpassed all expectations and achieved an impressive score of 94.3 (yay!). However, the surprises didn’t end there!

Some of the biggest wins we are going to boast about:

  • KeyPharm was able to prove and have their efforts be awarded. We supported the alignment on impact business models toxic reduction and land and wildlife conservation with their Organic and Friends of Sea work.
  • Only few B Corps manage to achieve certification for their parent company but less are able to achieve this for the brands they also manage. And guess what? KeyPharm is now one of those remarkable companies! This challenging accomplishment means that all brands that KeyPharm oversees are able to hold and use the B Corp certification.
  • Though many, the last highlight we’ll focus on is Leadership’s commitment to the community. The team and leadership have worked hard to integrate a local hiring, and giving back approach yet none of it was officially integrated throughout the year. Beyond working on formatting their yearly community programs, we worked with the C-Suite leadership to create a public and reoccurring donation commitment that they will work to prove and expand for years to come.

Though this year came with a lot of changes for KeyPharm, you can dig deeper into its B Corp Certification score.

Achieving this certification marks just the beginning of our journey. It not only highlights our current strengths but also guides us towards areas where we can further improve. We remain committed to innovation, developing products that align with our core values and contribute to a better future. Preserving tomorrow's planet is our most valuable legacy
KeyPharm, on B Corp Certification

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