Gap & Benchmark Analysis

When it comes to sustainability, organizations have immense potential to make a difference. Yet, determining the actions that will truly create value and drive positive impact requires a strategic approach. An in-depth gap and benchmark analysis will allow you to define risks and uncover opportunities that will elevate your operations and overall sustainability efforts.

Gap/benchmark analysis

How do we help?

Before diving straight into action, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current status of the industry and your position within:

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    Identify current Baseline

    Through our innovative Impact Scan and in-depth interviews, we understand your current performance and pinpoint the areas where your organization can make the greatest impact and where future opportunities lie.

  • 2

    Thorough Competitor Analysis

    We investigate sustainability trends in your market and analyze your main competitors’ impact strategies and actions to refine your own sustainability approach.

  • 3

    Metrics Alignment with Reporting Frameworks

    We guide you through aligning metrics and indicators with the current complex landscape of reporting frameworks, providing clarity on the requirements, and ensuring compliance.

  • 4

    Benchmark Analysis

    We explore areas where you excel or lag, helping you enhance ESG practices, capitalize on strengths, and strategically improve to create more value and reduce risks.

Key outcomes

A Clear Overview of your own Sustainability Performance

We give you a visual overview of your sustainability performance, using our very own Impact Scan.

Comprehensive Competitor Insights

By understanding your competitors' sustainability strengths and weaknesses, you identify opportunities for differentiation and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

In-Depth Risk and Opportunity Analysis

Elevate your understanding of industry dynamics, stakeholder expectations and perspectives with an in-depth analysis of risks and opportunities, empowering you to prioritize impactful actions that align with the evolving landscape.

Strategic Foundation for Sustainability

This analysis will serve as the cornerstone of your sustainability strategy and roadmap, guiding your steps and ensuring your sustainability initiatives align with long-term goals.

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Creating an impact strategy for a flooring company

Creating an impact strategy for a flooring company

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