Transparency & Traceability

Paving the era of business accountability, we empower your organization to showcase a new level of transparency that builds trust and confidence among your stakeholders. From supply chain visibility and digital product passports to product lifecycle tracking, we ensure that your commitment to transparency becomes a powerful asset in today’s conscious market.

How do we help?

We build trust among your stakeholders by creating a comprehensive and accessible record of your product’s journey or by making the impact of your organization – for- and non-profit – more transparent and traceable.

Our approach will give you the right frame to comply with future legislation in due diligence within your supply chain. Possible solutions:

  • Digital Product Passport
  • Impact Tracer
  • Product Label
  • Supply Chain Mapping & Engagement
  • Impact Report

Key outcomes

Increased stakeholder trust

Whether you want to build trust among donors, investors, customers or employees, we know what it takes to communicate authentically and gain credibility. We understand being transparent is a balancing act between giving away too little, giving away too much or being educational and we know how to build a strategy that works well for you and and your stakeholders.

Enhanced Supply Chain Sustainability, Transparency & Engagement

We enhance the visibility of your supply chain upstream and downstream. We help you spotlight and reduce harmful practices, as well as identify and assess actual and potential impacts. More transparency and traceability will inevitably lead to greater due diligence, minimized risks, and more authentic communications.

Precise Product Lifecycle Management

We work closely together with LCA experts to enable precise management of your product's lifecycle, meeting industry standards and resonating with customers who prioritize sustainability and conscious responsibility.

Customer-empowered decision-making

By providing transparent and easily accessible information towards digital passports, we empower your customers to make informed decisions aligned with their values, fostering trust and loyalty to your brand.

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Writing Montea's impact report

Writing Montea's first and second impact report

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    Transparency & Traceability

    From supply chain visibility to product lifecycle tracking, we ensure that your commitment to transparency becomes a powerful asset in today's conscious market.