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Navigating the multitude of standards, frameworks, and legislation focusing on sustainability can be daunting. We specialize in helping you navigate this complex landscape to ensure you remain compliant and select and obtain the right certification aligned with your business goals and needs.

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Sustainability certifications and frameworks empower your organization to benchmark, manage, and transparently share its sustainability performance based on verified third-party standards.

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we guide you through the certification and/or compliance process, from identifying the right certification or framework for your organization to meticulously preparing and organizing data and documentation. Our goal is to streamline the submission process, ensuring seamless assessment and certification.

Key certifications and frameworks

B Corp

Become part of a global movement of over 8,000 certified B Corporations across 162 industries in 96 countries. As a certified B Corp, trained B Leader, and selected B Corp Way partner, we offer expert guidance through the B Impact Assessment process and beyond. We provide tailor-made support in setting a comprehensive roadmap to B Corp certification and the ongoing commitment required post-certification.


Join the ranks of 75,000 companies using the EcoVadis rating to enhance sustainability performance across the environmental, labor and human rights, ethics and procurement pillars. We can assist you in gathering all essential information and guide you through the process of elevating your organization's sustainability profile and competitiveness.


Elevate your sustainability reporting with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), the gold standard in transparent and comprehensive reporting frameworks.

Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRd)

Everyone's talking about the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. Terms like double materiality and gap analysis might seem daunting, but we'll guide you through every step of your sustainability and compliance journey.

Quest has been a great support on our sustainability journey. Their passion is matched by their concrete, actionable ideas, ensuring our initiatives aren't just hypothetical. Quest is transparent, critical and a challenger. They are a reliable partner to get to the next level!
Simon Maillet, Sustainability Manager @ Cordeel

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Becoming a B Corp as a multi-brand organization with a complex supply chain

Becoming B Corp Certified: a multi-brand organization with a complex supply chain.

Understanding Double Materiality and Complying with CSRd

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