Impact Reporting

Unlock the full potential of your sustainability journey. We transform your impact data, ambitions, and actions into meaningful and compelling reports. Meticulously focusing on material aspects and compliant with relevant reporting standards, we craft industry-leading ESG reports that transparently communicate your sustainability efforts and effectively engage stakeholders, building trust with every report. 100% authenticity, 0% greenwashing.

Cordeel Impact Report

How do we help?

We create value from the reporting process by delving into the core of your sustainability performance and practices. Here’s how we empower your organization:

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    Strategic Analysis and Support

    We analyze your impact strategy and performance and, if necessary, can help you benchmark your performance or shape your double materiality assessment and impact strategy.

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    Storytelling Expertise

    Thanks to our unique mix of in-house sustainability and communication experts, we specialize in translating complex topics into clear and compelling content. Everything starts with a clear content table and framework, so that will be the first proposal you’ll get from us. The end goal: a trustworthy, accessible, and engaging report for all stakeholders.

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    End-to-End Reporting

    From writing to designing, we create a unique report tailored to your needs, whether it’s a traditional PDF or a digital interactive format.

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    Progress Monitoring and Improvement

    Beyond mere compliance, we empower your organization to monitor progress, identify opportunities for improvement, and capitalize on sustainable practices for ongoing success.

Key outcomes

A Clear, Authentic and Differentiating Story

You need a compelling and authentic story to move your audience beyond plain, tick-the-box reporting.

A Compliant Impact Report

We take care of report writing and content challenges, ensuring full compliance with general and sector-specific frameworks and standards, including CSRd, GRI, SASB, CDP, and more.

Reporting Adaptability

Whether it's a traditional PDF, a printed document, or a fully digital and interactive report, we tailor the format to match your needs and effectively reach your diverse stakeholders.

I can highly recommend Quest Impact Design Studio if you want to work on an impactful and transparent sustainability report/approach!
Simon Maillet, Sustainability Manager @Cordeel

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