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Recent customer questions

  • How can we understand the day-to-day problems of Ugandans without actually travelling there?
  • What can we do to improve our brand experience across all channels?
  • Our website generates the wrong kind of leads. Can you help us reach and convert the right ones?
  • We need a website template to publish our extremely popular reports on so they become more interactive than a boring pdf file.
  • What’s the perfect business model and impact strategy for the non-profit organization 3.0?
  • How can we improve the customer journey for all our segments?
  • Can you help us turn this into a profitable business?
  • Is this the right idea to focus on?
  • How can we create a sustainable business model?
  • What should our customer experience look like?
  • Can you be our marketing sparring partner?
  • Can you write our sustainability report?
  • How can we generate more revenue without doing more?
  • Our non-profit organization needs a new fundraising strategy.
  • Can you help us become a B Corp?
  • How can we become more sustainable and limit our footprint without losing our competitive edge and current profits?
  • How can we streamline our services?
  • Can you help us define our impact strategy?
  • We need an app mock-up to use in our pitch to investors.
  • How should we reposition ourselves in a highly competitive market?
  • Can you create a branding & visual identity that reflects our vision and values?
  • How can we prepare ourselves for the world after COVID-19?
  • We need to improve the user experience of our website drastically.
  • How can we create a new mindset among NGOs and non-profit organizations?
  • How can we stimulate organizations and governments to make use of unconditional cash transfers?
  • Can you help us understand this segment better?
  • We need a logo and visual identity that stands out, with a color palette that consists of more than the typical blue and green in our sector.
  • How should we position ourselves?
  • How can we create a consistent, global museum experience?
  • Can you create a blockchain platform to trace the impact of a product throughout its entire lifecycle?
  • How can we maximize and measure our impact?
  • Does our app prototype meet the needs of potential users?



A new logo and visual identity for Full Cycle

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Repositioning Tomato Masters

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New EU regulation aims to tackle fast fashion: what to expect?

The EU presented the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles in March 2022. What’s this new regulation about and what does it mean for fashion brands?

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How to conduct a materiality assessment

Thinking of performing a materiality assessment for your organization, but uncertain what that would entail? In this piece I’ll explain the what, why and how of a materiality assessment.

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