Are you both a dreamer and a doer and you want to contribute to solutions that positively impact people and our planet? Then Quest might be the right place for you. We’re always on the lookout for designers and strategists with a healthy dose of empathy, creativity, and the ability to always put things into perspective. Intrigued? Check out what we have to offer you.

Why work at Quest?

Our amazing customers

We’re proud to work for some of the major brands in the impact sphere. We also carefully select the customers we work with to make sure we don’t facilitate greenwashing.
As a colleague, you’ll decide together with the team which customers we accept to work for.


At Quest, you’ll contribute to the solutions that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues.
You’ll learn to look at those issues from a different, more systemic angle. So trust us: from now on, you’ll always have something to say at family dinner parties.

Quest team


When we hire you, we trust you. So that means you get all the flexibility you need in terms of work location or hours.


We’re deeply committed to building a diverse team that represents different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. We truly believe this is the only way possible to create fully human-centered experiences.


We might not have a vacancy that suits you right now, but don’t let that stop you from getting in touch. If you want to create a positive impact and think you can contribute to our cause, we’d love to hear from you.

UX/UI Designer

We’re looking for a passionate UX/UI Designer to join our team and drive positive change with us.


We’re looking for a full-stack developer to join our team and drive positive change with us.

Impact Internships

A message to all future UX/UI Designers, developers, service designers, strategists, communication specialists and copywriters who want to use theirs skills as a force for good: We’re always looking for talented interns. We provide you with cool projects to work on and fun, experienced mentors to work with.