Percent Pledge Making volunteerism exciting

Confidential Creating an impact baseline for a flooring company

B Lab Europe An inspiring website to match the momentum of radical change

Impact Area: Ethical & Sustainable Fashion

Want to change the fashion industry?

Whether you’re a (starting) sustainable fashion brand or a large corporate ready to make the shift, we’re here to help your organization drive that change.

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Montea Writing Montea’s first and second impact report

Herwin A new website and member portal for Herwin, the collective of social and circular entrepreneurs

Percent Pledge Encouraging giving behavior through optimized design

Impact Area: Sustainable Food Systems

Let’s work on a healthy, sustainable food system together

Working in the plant-based, organic food industry? On urban farming? Fair food distribution? Or you just want to disrupt your entire business model to increase your positive impact? We’re here to help you innovate, improve, promote and/or scale.

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Fashion For Good A human-centric approach to reports

Onbetaalbaar Growth strategy and positioning

Breathworks A mindful growth strategy for a nonprofit

Full Cycle A lead generating website for a Californian climate tech scale up

modulyss Setting up and launching the Limit Your Footprint Programme

Full Cycle A new logo and visual identity for Full Cycle

Studio Globo Fundraising tactics for Studio Globo

Impact Area: Climate Tech

Let’s tackle climate change together

Are you building, launching or scaling a solution that helps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions? It's our mission to help you grow your impact.

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Omina Technologies A visual identity for Ethical AI platform Justifai

Eight An educational game to boost unconditional cash transfers to developing countries

The Good Fashion Fund Tackling the financing gap in regenerative apparel

Impact Area: Systems Change

Want to use your business as force for good?

Let's join forces to create bigger ripples of change, positively changing the system for good.

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New Cotton Project A visual identity and website for the most ambitious blueprint for circular fashion

Local Heroes Creating a human-centric impact strategy for a new non-profit organization

Fashion for Good The UX partner of Fashion for Good

The Focus Academy Branding The Focus Academy

Tomato Masters Repositioning Tomato Masters

The Focus Academy Shaping the services of The Focus Academy

Hocus Focus Increasing digital well-being with Hocus Focus

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