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About B Lab Europe

B Lab Europe is one of the regional entities for B Lab, the nonprofit behind the ever-growing B Corp Certification. B Lab is on a mission to build a more inclusive, equitable, regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. Since its inception in 2006, it has grown from a diligent certification to a global movement, transforming the global economy with its standards and leadership.

As a proud certified B Corp ourselves, Quest joined the movement in 2019 to help mobilize the global B Corp community towards collective action to address society’s most critical challenges.

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The Challenge

B Lab Europe has the unique challenge of being a resource for a variety of countries, cultures, and languages. We needed to create a clear and simple website that could encourage very different audiences to accomplish the same goal: to join the movement.

Though B Lab Europe was launching its standalone website catered to its audiences, we also had to tie in B Lab Global’s website mission and goals. We had the added challenge of balancing global standards while still launching the website with a dynamic European twist. Easy, right?

Our Approach

When evaluating all the different pain points that B Lab Europe had with their previous website, our goal was simple: create a future-proof website that can grow and flourish with the momentum of the movement

To tackle this goal, we focused on three main objectives:

  • Providing clear & engaging information: An amplification of the movement 

As B Lab has moved beyond a certification company and towards grander systems change, it has accumulated a wealth of different resources. We started this project with a strategy workshop to help the team identify the proper content strategy that would help position B Lab as a thought leader. 

  • Improved user experience: An invitation to get involved

As this movement is about collective action, we knew that testing real user experiences was an important factor to achieve success. We invited 14 different stakeholders across the movement, from top B Leaders to companies looking to certify, to help build a seamless experience for B Lab Europe. The result? A faster and more user-centric experience.

  • A performance-based website: An improvement for people and planet

A big part of this website project was finding ways to decrease the environmental footprint while increasing accessibility and inclusivity through our design and development. We followed the sustainable web design and development guidelines to help improve this web performance.

The result?

  1. An improved performance score from 86 to 95
  2. A greener web experience ranking cleaner than 59% of web pages, compared to its previous ranking stating it was dirtier than 94% dirtier of web pages
  3. A more accessible website with an accessibility score of 99

A Continuous Journey

Just like the B Corp movement and certification, this website will continue to adapt and improve its performance with time. As we continue to partner with B Lab Europe, this experience will get better and better but so far, we’re proud of what we were able to accomplish together. Curious to see the end result? Visit the new B Lab Europe website!

For our sources: We used lighthouse, an open-source tool from Google, and the sustainable web standards guidelines.

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