A global brand to build stronger more engaged democracies
The challenge

Creating a global brand that helps build stronger more engaged democracies

Impact Area: Happy & Healthy People

Go Vocal, called CitizenLab back in the day, approached us seeking support for a full strategic rebrand. As a purpose-driven agency and consultancy, we guided the SaaS company throughout the entire rebranding journey, from fine-tuning their key messaging to creating a new logo, brand identity and website.

About Go Vocal

A digital community engagement platform

Go Vocal, formerly CitizenLab, is one of the biggest Belgian impact scale-ups and is dedicated to revolutionizing public decision-making by making it more inclusive, participatory, and responsive. Their innovative SaaS platform empowers local governments to actively engage with their communities, fostering more effective and democratic policy-making.

Our solution

A new visual identity and website to make civic engagement more accessible, inclusive, and impactful

As a branding agency specializing in social impact, we began with a crucial analysis phase. Through comprehensive competitor analysis and interviews with key stakeholders, we identified the gap between Go Vocal’s current brand image, stakeholder expectations, and mission-driven goals.

Building on this strong foundation, we enhanced Go Vocal’s key messaging to align seamlessly with their business strategy and customer needs. Key to this rebranding effort was the creation of a new visual identity, including a new logo, that could effectively convey Go Vocal’s message of inclusivity and accessibility. 

But our work didn’t stop there. To solidify Go Vocal’s uplifted brand identity and messaging, we designed a sleek, user-friendly website that acts as a powerful platform to reach Go Vocal’s broad target audience base. 

Our co-created visual identity elevated Go Vocal’s brand and messaging, while the new website fully embodies its core values of accessibility and inclusivity. This ensures a seamless user experience for their diverse audience, effectively reflecting Go Vocal’s mission.

Rebranding is a great way to capture your audiences but it can come out misaligned without a proper key messaging strategy.

Ensuring your messaging is clear and consistent is crucial for a successful rebrand. Quest can help you convey your brand’s core values and vision, ensuring every aspect of your communication reinforces your brand identity and effectively engages your audience.

The result

Fostering inclusive and participatory decision-making through strategic rebranding

With its new brand identity, Go Vocal showcases how strategic rebranding can drive real change. The refreshed visual identity, messaging, and website clearly communicate Go Vocal’s mission of fostering inclusive and participatory public decision-making. 

For this purpose, renaming was also crucial. The original name, CitizenLab, raised some inclusion concerns and the company had clearly outgrown the ‘lab’ phase. In a collaborative effort, we worked closely with the Go Vocal team to brainstorm and select a new name that would embody its commitment to making public decision-making more inclusive and participatory, reflecting its core values and broader reach.

So, why partner with an impact-driven agency like Quest? It’s about more than just crafting a detailed style guide. We bring a strategic and creative approach to transform your brand, leveraging our expertise to align your identity with your mission and audience needs. Our fresh perspective, in-depth market analysis, and specialized design and messaging skills ensure your rebrand isn’t just successful but truly impactful.

Wietse Van Ransbeeck
Ultimately, Quest Studio helped us build a brand that we are all incredibly proud of. The Go Vocal identity not only reflects our core values but also resonates perfectly with our target audience. It’s a testament to their ability to understand our vision and translate it into a powerful brand.
Wietse van Ransbeeck, Founder & CEO

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