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We create seamless digital experiences that help organizations and customers reach their goals efficiently. We deliver low-carbon, fully accessible digital products optimized to attract, engage, and convert any target audience. Our key digital services include UX/UI design, web development, and content/SEO support.

How do we help?

Designed to scale with your growth, we create and develop digital products that stand the test of time, ensuring your digital presence remains efficient, accessible, and sustainable.

Digital sustainability: Carbon-efficient and accessible digital products for all

By eliminating invisible barriers and making smart design choices, we deliver websites, platforms, and apps that are easy to use for everyone, with a decreased environmental footprint.

  • WCAG 2.1 Guidelines
  • Green hosting
  • Clean, modular code
  • Optimal performance, minimal environmental footprint
  • Safe & secure websites
Digital design Quest did for B Lab

Your website as a strategic resource

Delivering a digital product isn’t only about fancy designs, it’s about making sure a strategic resource is future-proof and doing what it’s supposed to do, both for your business and your target audiences.

  • Information architecture workshops to make sure your website, platform or app is future-proof
  • SEO, content and positioning support to make sure the right people see the right messages
  • User research to unravel user needs and user testing to guarantee an optimized user experience

Key outcomes

Target-Hitting Content

We co-define targets and ensure your website contains the content to achieve all of them. Explore our additional services including content strategy, positioning, and key messaging.

Future-Proof Digital Solutions

You can expect digital solutions that anticipate your and the market's evolving needs, bringing a clear structure that stands the test of time.

Intuitive and Accessible Experiences for All

Streamlined content management and an enhanced user experience make for an intuitive and accessible journey for both users and your team.

Quest understands our needs, they don't try to style something you don't need or doesn't fit the team structure or capacity.
Lucia Baruzzi, Senior Communications Manager @ B Lab Europe

Already trusted by:

B Lab Europe
Global Fashion Agenda
Fashion For Good
Percent Pledge
Raptor Maps
Full Cycle
Global Fashion Summit
New Cotton Project
Organic Cotton Accelerator

Client results

A dynamic digital experience to drive scalability

Habitats' digital journey: the creation of its branding and website

An inspiring website to match the momentum of radical change

An inspiring website to match the momentum of radical change

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