Driving Impact with Global Fashion Agenda

The fashion industry is one of the largest, most resource and human-intensive industries. It is a powerful engine for global growth and development, but the current system has pushed Earth beyond its planetary limits and has challenged social justice for ages


Born to tackle an industry responsible for some 2.1 billion tons of CO2 and employing at least 60+ million people in its value chain, Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) is a non-profit organization that fosters industry collaboration on sustainability in fashion to drive impact.


The GFA team approached us to scale their audience, encourage people to take action with their research, and entice more partnerships for change.


At Quest Digital Design Studio, we supported the team with an upgraded logo, and visual identity as well as a complete website transformation.

Branded images of Global Fashion Agenda

The agency for sustainable fashion

Given our experience in the fashion space, we understood the most common challenges in the industry that GFA is helping to transform. This brought the industry expertise that we needed to support them in the following challenges: 

  • Attract both corporate and consumer audiences with a variety of goals 
  • Support with a strategy on ways to generate better financial support beyond donations
  • Help GFA become a more identifiable, impactful, and elevated brand
  • Amplify their digital storytelling to help engage further in the digital age. 
  • Understand their audiences better and learn how to increase engagement and action with their reports and research 
  • Simplify the experience for the GFA team as they had worked with many different websites in the past. 

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Accelerating sustainable fashion through digital design 

As this project had a hard deadline, launching before the 2022 Global Fashion Summit, we had to simultaneously work on rebranding GFA to elevate the brand’s identity and completely redesign and develop their main Global Fashion Agenda site

To start off, we needed to find a way to create an elevated brand experience without changing an already recognizable brand. We organized a direction workshop for GFA marketing and impact teams to give us guidance and feedback on GFA former branding and its pros and cons. 

Mobile designs of the Global Fashion Agenda website

Shaping the right user experience and business model

Like all our digital design projects, we kicked off this WordPress website project with an Information Architecture workshop. This step is integral and allowed GFA an understanding of how best to utilize the amount of content and research it produces.

During this time, we were able to provide insights from past user interviews in the fashion space.

As we settled the structure and journey that we collectively agreed on, a question for our strategic team arose:

How might GFA find new avenues of revenue as a nonprofit?

Lucky for us, the answer was already written out. GFA reports and research. Global Fashion Agenda opted in for unique pages and paywall integration to allow users to not only purchase on demand but actually take further action with the resources provided.

As Global Fashion Agenda has an array of audiences through its work, we needed to support them in creating the right user journey for each of their target audiences. We tested GFA’s new wireframes with three different target groups and objectives. This also allowed us to test our solution and pricing for future reports with potential audience members.

Snippet of the GFA website
Content block of the Global Fashion Agenda website.

An elevated brand developed to make its mark

GFA’s brand identity and digital visual design evolved into a design, that though very illustrative and animated, was more digitally inclusive.

About 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions are coming from the internet every year. Being illustrative and animated, GFA’s new website may appear quite polluting. And the truth is, it is. Though we always give our clients the option of a low-carbon website, to reach project goals, this was an intentional design that was made to focus more on responsive and animated design. To do our part, through tested user journeys, we were able to lower the carbon footprint by creating more efficient user experiences to help audiences reach their goals faster and more sustainably.

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Let us guide you toward a greener and more inclusive digital experience. Our goal: a low-carbon website that is accessible to everyone.

Two snippets of the GFA website.

Committing to positive impact

Now we know what you may be thinking, how do you make an impact by making a website and rebranding a company? At Quest, our mission is to make a truly meaningful impact for people, our community and most importantly, our planet. As a service provider, we asked ourselves: how can we make a bigger impact through our work? The answer? Our customers.

GFA has a mission and vision that we take to heart and also wish to support, transforming the fashion system to be more just and sustainable

GFA Website_Industry news content block

As through our work, our goals were to accelerate the mission, and advance the brand, we know if we were successful in this project, GFA will continue to grow in its success in changing the fashion system.

Visit Global Fashion Agenda’s new website and help transform the future of the fashion industry.

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