Branding the future of circular fashion

Branding the future of circular fashion

The global consumption of textiles is increasing rapidly, however, there is no EU-wide plan on how to deal with existing and anticipated textile waste. Currently, less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing enters into the circular fashion market.


Textile Recycling Excellence (T-Rex) was launched to help arm the EU with a commercially viable option to tackle textile waste and the environmental problems it causes.


To help with the launch of this feat, the T-Rex team reached out to Quest Impact Design Studio to help create its visual identity, including its logo and the launch of its digital presence. 

Textile Recycling Excellence

Launched in 2022, Textile Recycling Excellence launched with the ambition to create a paradigm shift from household textile waste into a closed-loop textile process

By involving major players across the whole fashion value chain, T-Rex aims to demonstrate that a new ecosystem approach, with harmonized methods and quality criteria, can lead to a better understanding of current textile waste and therefore better up-cycling rates into new garments.

organic cotton in a tweed bag with t-rex logo on top

Branding a circular fashion solution

As Quest supported a few T-Rex partners in the past, (Fashion For Good, Aalto University, Adidas, Infinited Fiber Company, we learned how to deliver quality work involving the opinions of several stakeholders. 

website of t-rex project

Given our research and experience in the fashion space, T-Rex came to us for our Digital Design expertise as we understood what T-Rex audiences would gravitate toward. This brought the industry and audience expertise that we needed to support them in the following challenges: 

  • A new logo to become the guiding and recognizable force for all circular textile work 
  • A powerful brand identity that represents all the many players in this project but also does not deter from the important work they are accomplishing
  • Support to amplify their digital storytelling to help influence the right audiences further in the digital age. 
  • Provide all consortium partners with a simple easy-to-use website that can be easily managed without support

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Driving textile recycling through digital branding

As this project was meant to support T-rex and all its founding partners through the kick-off and the next three years of this EU-wide project, we knew that both the logo and visual identity needed to make a mark. As for the website launch, we had previously worked with our partner, Fashion For Good, on making a website template for future consortium projects which meant a faster turnaround for our client and additional time to fully focus on branding! 

horizontal A5 flyer of the t-rex project

We knew that this project – and brand – has a vast array of audiences across the fashion industry and beyond: brands, (re)manufacturers, textile waste sorters and collectors, consumers, journalists, policymakers, and universities/research institutes. That’s why we needed to build a globally known brand, that could become the recognizable logo for the EU’s circular textile revolution

To do so, we included as many consortium members to co-create an experience and brand that we have proudly seen spread in the press and T-Rex has proudly seen accelerate the engagement from brands to transform the fashion system.
Check it out for yourself. 

Four boxes each with a T-Rex logo. From right to left and top to bottom, an orange box with white logo, a light green box with dark green logo, a light orange box with a dark orange logo and a dark green background with a white logo.
logo stamp on paper
The meaning and creation behind the T-rex Logo.

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A brand direction workshop that resulted in a mood board. We used this as a base for the logo design and brand identity
wall with 5 branded posters of t-rex
brand guidelines of the t-rex project
It was integral to deliver extremely detailed design guidelines for each party to not only update the T-Rex digital communications but for all consortium partners to have guidance on communicating about the project externally.

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