The limit your footprint programme

The limit your footprint programme

modulyss, a subsidiary of the Balta Group, designs, manufactures and supplies high-quality carpet tiles for the international commercial market. Since their formation in 2010, they have been pushing towards a combination of creativity, functionality and sustainability.

The challenge

The challenge

modulyss operates in a highly competitive market with players like Interface and Desso (Tarkett) who already made great sustainability achievements and commitments. With sustainability gaining massive importance in the construction business, our goal was to devise an impact strategy that positioned modulyss as one of the key sustainability leaders in the space.

Competitor and Market Analysis

We started with a thorough analysis of the market and compared modulyss’ major competitors based on 12 different criteria. We then compared the competitors’ performance with modulyss’ achievements to identify gaps and potential opportunities.

The Limit Your Footprint Programme

As a result, we launched the Limit Your Footprint Programme, a great way for modulyss’ customers to take their responsibility and limit the environmental footprint of a project without having to compromise on quality or design possibilities at all. The Programme can be fully tailored to anyone’s needs, ambitions and budget and will allow their customers to buy carpet tiles that:

  • are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Gold or Silver
  • are CO2 neutral (mainly through carbon offsetting)
  • contain regenerated ECONYL premium colour yarns
  • have a backing that is designed for disassembly and recycling
  • received a Platinum score for Material Health (Cradle to Cradle)

We made a video and brochure to explain what the Limit Your Footprint Programme is all about.

The limit your footprint programme
The limit your footprint programme brochure

Squares can be circular too

Next to the Limit Your Footprint Programme, we also came up with a strong sustainability tagline to reinforce modulyss’ position: Squares can be circular too.

The limit your footprint programme baseline

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