Fundraising tactics for Studio Globo

Fundraising tactics for Studio Globo

Studio Globo?

Studio Globo is an NGO that specializes in development education. They offer a wide range of classes, workshops, and immersive experiences to students from early education to university degree programs. These are not your traditional classroom setups. In several locations across Belgium, Studio Globo has ‘immersion studios’ with a wide range of topics.

You can enter one of their studios and experience a taste of life in India, Congo, Peru, or Guatemala. Or learn how to positively deal with diversity, or experience how it feels to live in poverty. Studio Globo also offers educational workshops, neighborhood walks, and immersion boxes for schools.

The Studio Globo immersion studios mimic the life in certain countries. In this case: Peru


Despite being fully booked year in and year out, Studio Globo was seeking guidance to help them elevate and expand their fundraising efforts. That’s why they asked us to:

  • help them select and implement the right fundraising tactics for their organization
  • help them with their first fundraising campaign (go take a look and support hem)

Understanding fundraising tactics

To be able to help Studio Globo find and select the right fundraising tactics, we analyzed over 60 NPOs and NGOs. Through this research we identified over 40 different B2C and B2B fundraising tactics and uncovered some more interesting insights:

  • About 95% of the analyzed organizations use more than one fundraising tactic. On average they combine 5 different tactics.
  • A lot of NGOs and nonprofits depend solely on subsidies.
  • Fundraising is not only about asking for donations, fundraising is about creating sustainable streams of income.
  • Fundraising is also about creating awareness.

The results of in-depth research like this are always illuminating. We found so many new fundraising tactics that were a real inspiration for us and the Studio Globo team.

– Janao, Business & Service Designer – Quest

Fundraising workshop

All insights from our extensive research were leveraged during a co-creative workshop with the Studio Globo team. We presented different fundraising options and through a series of custom exercises we were able to select the tactics that would best support their goals.

They were able to make real and actionable decisions during the workshop and afterwards created a fundraising strategy that leverages the resources, knowledge and network they already have.

The result

As a result of the fundraising workshop, we delivered a prioritized list of B2B and B2C fundraising tactics, adapted to the needs, wishes, resources, and target audiences of Studio Globo. They immediately wanted to implement the first tactic with a fundraising page on their website. And they asked us to do the UX design of the fundraising section.

We integrated several ways of supporting Studio Globo on the fundraising page. Whether it’s through a direct donation, volunteering, setting up a fundraiser, or buying something through Trooper, everyone can easily find a way to help.

Feel inspired and want to support their cause? Go to or check out their current fundraising campaign.

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