A visual identity and website for the most ambitious blueprint for circular fashion

A visual identity and website for the most ambitious blueprint for circular fashion


The linear take-make-waste model is still prevalent in today’s fashion industry. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 500 billion dollars of value are lost every year due to clothing underutilisation and a lack of recycling.

Infinited Fiber Company, a Finnish biotechnology group, has led a successful bid for over 6 million EUR of European Union research and innovation funding. Those funds are used to form a highly ambitious consortium of 12 organizations (including amongst others Adidas, H&M Group and Fashion for Good) whose aim is to create a circular fashion industry blueprint: the New Cotton Project.

The consortium spans 7 countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey

The consortium members work together on topics such as waste management, manufacturing, retail, recycling, and academia to devise a new business model and circular system that can lead to industry-wide adoption. If you’d like to learn more about the New Cotton Project, this article by Forbes provides you with a good explanation.

A logo and visual identity

The consortium members asked us to create a fitting logo and visual identity for the New Cotton Project. To align all parties involved we organized a design direction workshop which resulted in a moodboard and key associations. The result speaks for itself.

A clean and clear website

In order to inform all the stakeholders about the impact and progress of the project, the consortium also needed a website. Please make sure to follow how these 12 amazing partners are working on the future of circular fashion on this website.

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