Increasing digital well-being with Hocus Focus

Increasing digital well-being with Hocus Focus


There’s a 95% chance that your smartphone is within arm’s reach right now. Or maybe you’re even using it right now to read this case study. We’re spending an enormous amount of time on our digital devices. And those devices never stop to ask for our attention, with a flood of incoming push notifications, texts, emails, etc. This continuous battle for our attention is taking a toll on our health, mental well-being and performance at work.

The Focus Academy helps people to regain their focus, on a personal and a professional level. They came to us because they want to create an app that helps people to focus and perform better. The idea: to limit digital distractions at work and at home, so people can focus more on their job and they suffer less burn-outs or depressions. The name of the app: Hocus Focus.

Our goal is to limit digital distractions at work and at home, so people can focus more on their job and they suffer less burn-outs or depressions.Bart Van Wassenhove, Founder
– The Focus Academy

Since the company didn’t have the funds yet to start building this type of app, they asked Quest to create a logo and a couple of app mock-ups, which they would use to convince potential investors.

It’s brand sprint time

You can’t create a logo for a brand without fully understanding its purpose and vision. So we organized a brand sprint for Hocus Focus to capture Bart’s vision and ideas as much as possible in as little time as possible. We discovered his true ‘why’, selected keywords and defined the brand’s personality.

Social impact & gamification

The most important question: how do we make sure that users continue to use the platform? The answer: gamification & social impact.

The more people focus while using the platform, the more they contribute to a cause. So by using the platform, people not only increase their own well-being, they also help people in developing countries. Talk about sustainable development.

The Hocus Focus desktop application with gamification

What was next?

With the help of our mock-ups, The Focus Academy succeeded to generate 400,000 EUR in funding. We also created a logo and identity for The Focus Academy and we shaped their customer journey and service model.

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