A visual identity for Ethical AI platform Justifai

A visual identity for Ethical AI platform Justifai


Omina Technologies helps companies unleash the full potential of AI while mitigating risks through their ethical and trustworthy technology.


Justifai, Omina’s AI platform, empowers domain experts to build ethical AI solutions with real business impact while minimizing risk.

Omina asked us to create a trustworthy identity for their ethical AI platform Justifai.  As they are currently in a fundraising phase (impact investors: this is one to watch out for), there was an urgent need to create this with speed and integrity.

Visualizing trustworthiness: The Process


This project started at the beginning of the pandemic. As our team adjusted to the norms of working from home, our workshops also turned online. This transition was actually a great win for this project as this meant that we could include the diverse Justifai team members from Belgium to New York City.

We kicked off the project with a Design Direction Workshop, gathering the insights and opinions from Omina’s management to its technical team members. Though opinions differed, there was a resounding agreement that this brand needed to represent keywords like ‘ethical’‘balance’‘accountable’‘sophisticated’‘smart’ and ‘simple’.

With these words resounding in our minds, we couldn’t help but think of lady liberty and her balance scale. 

This logo is our modern take on a modern balance scale, illustrating Omina’s mission to bring ethics to the growing AI industry. To complement this symbol, we set a calming and balanced color palette including green, blue, and grey to further the vision of trust.

As Justifai grows, Omina Technologies has become a continuous design client. We look forward to sharing more updates about their journey soon.

Curious to learn about Ethical AI?  

Follow Omina’s journey on our cases to come.

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