Accelerating change in the organic cotton industry

Accelerating change in the organic cotton industry

The Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) is a multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to organic cotton. As a global platform, they are committed to bringing integrity, supply security, and measurable social and environmental impact to organic cotton.

OCA envisions a future where they have fully realized the Organic Cotton Effect-organic cotton’s powerful and positive impact on people, planet, and prosperity. 

Accelerating change through branding

The first part of this project was to take OCA through a sound rebranding effort to bring the ecosystem to the forefront and bring farmer stories into the mix.

To accomplish this, we used colors to visually bring the different stakeholders together. Since OCA gravitates towards an eclectic mix of bright colors, we were able to add some of these elements to cohesively represent all aspects of the OCA ecosystem.

The main players in the ecosystem of OCA are the farmers and their communities. They needed more visual space on the OCA website, as they are the building blocks of the organization. To communicate this strong focus on farmers, we expanded imagery in the rebranding.

Tested User Experience

When we came together to redesign the public website and lay the groundwork for the contributor portal, we realized that we needed to improve the user experience of the website by making the conversation around organic cotton easier and more accessible.

The first step was to understand the main goals of OCA and its contributors and capture their visions for organic cotton in the future. We conducted a series of internal and external interviews with a number of contributors, partners, and internal staff. This helped OCA align the needs of the marketing team with the insights and the program team doing the practical work to meet the goals of all target audiences.

An SEO-driven website

As OCA continues its mission to unleash the power of organic cotton, it only makes sense to become the go-to source for everything concerning organic cotton.

As OCA has a large community of contributors helping accelerate the change in the organic cotton space, the website features a lot of updates and news surrounding the movement. The strategy we designed focused on continuing to carve the significance of the OCA community within the organic cotton movement. To do so, we developed a solid SEO content strategy. One of the priorities of this tailor-made strategy is to simplify the content so that it can be easily understood even by outsiders who may not know much about organic cotton.

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