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Can an SEO content strategy scale your impact?

SEO content strategy has consistently been throwing a wrench into the traditional approach to content marketing. In the past, marketing focused on convincing people to buy what companies make. Today, as consumers continue to gain control over what they want to engage with, companies are ultimately driven by demand. And consumers around the world want to live more sustainably.


As consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption habits on the planet, consumers trends show that many think that brands bear a crucial responsibility when it comes to driving positive change. The ability of consumer demand to drive the positive impact agenda forward is ultimately driving brands to more sustainable choices. 


This shift is great news for impact-driven companies! Analyzes of consumer attitudes show that over the last five years, online searches for terms such as sustainable fashion and sustainable packaging have seen a 210% and 123% increase, respectively.


As people are becoming more mindful about ethical consumption, companies now need to communicate their sustainability actions and impact practices efficiently if they are to convert customers. And as expert marketers, we can assure you that standard content creation is no longer enough to impact the bottom line. That’s why SEO content strategy is becoming a crucial digital marketing tool.

What is SEO content strategy, and why is it important?

According to recent data, 93% of trackable website traffic begins with a search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the performance and experience of a website to achieve better visibility in the search results of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. SEO is a great way to generate more traffic, leads, customers, and revenue for your business.

Specifically, SEO is all about ranking in organic search results. In fact, 81% of all Google searchers click on organic results. Organic search is arguably the most valuable marketing channel there is. For this reason, a solid SEO content strategy is essential for any brand or business operating online today. Small. Medium. Large enterprises. Startups. Local businesses. Global brands. And sustainability-conscious organizations, too!

Yes, we know what you are all thinking: SEO is nothing new. And yet, many companies still fail to acknowledge its potential. At Quest, we are on a mission to help scale and accelerate impact-driven businesses, and we truly believe SEO is crucial to stand out in this overcrowded market tainted by greenwashing.

We can help you improve and optimize your online presence and overall website visibility with a customized and impact-driven SEO content strategy.

SEO Content Strategy pillars: Technical SEO, Keyword research and Link building

Local vs International SEO content strategy:  

Mastering SEO effectively can accelerate your impact-driven organization – but adapting your strategy to the right market is crucial. When it comes to SEO, people seem to understand this when there is an obvious language difference. But even when the language remains the same, a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely successful. At Quest, all our solutions are tailor-made to our customer’s needs. 

Local SEO content strategy focuses on overcoming your domestic competition in search engine results. We chose this approach when hired by the U.S.-based  Percent Pledge. Percent Pledge develops customized volunteer programs that are simple, engaging, and transparent. Percent Pledge turned to us to effectively motivate people to volunteer and donate while conveying the company’s fun, yet professional culture. We researched regional keyword opportunities and redefined the organization’s customer journey accordingly. We refreshed the company’s website with SEO-driven copy and multimedia content. Mixed-media imagery is not only central to Percent Pledge’s identity but also a critical factor for visibility in search engine results. 

There are 24 official languages spoken in the European Union alone and up to 200 regional languages. As the world opens up via the internet, various companies are trying to go beyond Europe’s regional fragmentation and market their products and services internationally. This is especially true for B2B businesses, which do not depend on retail distribution and can easily sell their services digitally.

Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) is the only multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to organic cotton. To achieve its goal of becoming the global, trusted go-to authority for organic cotton expertise, Quest Studio developed an international SEO content strategy. International SEO, also known as Global SEO, aims at creating a brand presence and gathering organic traffic from multiple countries. Through extensive keyword research conducted globally, we identified effective content pillars and topic clusters to maximize OCA’s web traffic through strategic internal linking. 

Local SEO is not just more effective for small to medium businesses like Percent Pledge but also works wonders on more homogeneous markets—especially in terms of culture and language—like the US one. While Local SEO focuses on a limited—although highly better targeted—geography, global SEO can open up your business to major international opportunities.

Are you a sustainable business that needs help standing out?

At Quest, we can help you scale your impact and accelerate conversions with a tailor-made SEO content strategy. Reach out to our team and help us design the future of impact.

Developing a Content Marketing Strategy

SEO specialists agree that SEO without a proper content marketing strategy is like a body without a soul. Specifically, SEO is strategized around content marketing and content creation, as every website needs copy, articles, keywords, etc. To be successful, the two must go hand in hand.

The foundation of a successful marketing strategy is branding. A solid brand strategy should include clear guidelines on personality, voice, and tone. Successfully conveying your brand identity through your content is critical to achieving your overall marketing goals. At Quest, we create brands that inspire and evoke emotion. Brands that stand out. We make them relevant and recognizable, with compelling and consistent experiences across all touchpoints.

Understanding your customer’s needs and expectations helps you align your content strategy with the addressable needs of your market. When you understand your client’s thoughts and feelings, you can create content that best supports them when they consider your product or service. At Quest, we create digital design experiences finely tuned to the needs of all users, with a minimal impact on our planet and an optimal impact on your business.

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