Repositioning Tomato Masters

Repositioning Tomato Masters


Tomato Masters is a family-owned business that produces and sells tomatoes (surprise!). Based in Belgium, they are renowned for their strong vision and sustainable approach. The company’s growing fast and has recently expanded its production to 16.2 ha.

They asked us to help them upgrade their business game and strategically reposition their organisation.

To support our rapid growth, we were looking for a strategic partner with a hands-on, down-to-earth approach and a strong focus on long-term, sustainable growth.

Tom Vlaemynck, CEO – Tomato Masters

Understanding the landscape and stakeholders

Tomato Masters is operating in a competitive and challenging marketplace, with highly influential cooperative auction houses and the retail sector that is changing at an unseen pace.

Our first job was to get to know all the key players involved and to understand all the ins and outs of the competitive landscape. So we spoke to a diverse range of stakeholders, ranging from retailers like Carrefour and Delhaize to distributors and sales agents.

The retail sector is changing at an unseen pace, and will continue to do so in the following years. In order to craft a futureproof position for Tomato Masters, we needed to fully understand what the future of retail looks like.

Michael Boschmans, Head of Business Design – Quest

The goal: to get a holistic perspective on the full customer experience of working together with Tomato Masters. The result: a clear understanding of all the frustrations, delights and opportunities for all relevant stakeholders.

Stakeholder & buyer persona workshop

Business models for growth

We hosted a couple of workshops to co-create Tomato Masters’ current and future business model. Together with the entire management team, we went through all possible business scenarios, identifying all related risks and opportunities.

This resulted in the co-creation of a new and future-proof business model and a roadmap that will help the management to work towards the implementation of that new model.

Business Model Canvas workshop

Futureproof positioning

Based on all insights gathered, both internally and externally, we clearly defined

  • Tomato Masters’ mission, values and core purpose
  • what Tomato Masters’ future position in the competitive landscape should be
  • what Tomato Masters will need to do to reach and maintain that position

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