Optimizing the customer journey for modulyss
The challenge

Optimizing the customer journey for modulyss

Impact Area:

modulyss designs, manufactures, and supplies high-quality carpet tiles for the international commercial market. Since its formation in 2010, the company has been pushing toward a mixture of creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

Next to shaping modulyss’ sustainability strategy, we were also asked to analyze the customer journey for all main target groups and create a roadmap to optimize the customer experience.

Our approach

Using design thinking to perfectly balance business and customer needs

  • Inside out-customer journeys

    We hosted a series of workshops with a multidisciplinary modulyss team, coming from all relevant departments, to discuss what they thought the customer journey looked like for each target group.

  • Outside-in customer journeys

    We spoke to several people from different target groups and regions to check how they perceived working with modulyss. We mapped their needs, frustrations, goals, and wishes for every step of their customer journey.

  • Ideation, prioritization & roadmap for improvement

    In a series of workshops, we presented all the user insights and brainstormed on how we could optimize the customer experience for every target group. This led to a plethora of ideas, which were prioritized and put on a roadmap using multiple prioritization criteria.

Persona workshop

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The result

A playbook full of validated tactics to optimize modulyss’ customer experience

This project eventually led to these impactful improvements:

  • A new design for sample books, very well-received by all relevant target groups
  • A new strategy and flow for product launches
  • A new approach to product photography
  • Introduction of 3D, VR and BIM
  • Composition of a sales kit per product to ensure consistency in communication
  • More focus on sustainability and digitization
  • The launch of a new, customer-centric website made by Quest
  • Shorter customer journeys with more relevant steps, fewer frustrations, and more needs being met
Playbook full of validated tactics to optimize modulyss’ customer experience
UX/UI design modulyss

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