Shaping the services of The Focus Academy

Shaping the services of The Focus Academy


The Focus Academy helps people to feel and perform better by guiding their digital behavior through coaching and a rewarding ‘people first’ software application. In 2018, we created the initial mock-ups for that app, to help The Focus Academy generate 400,000 EUR in funding. Now our job was twofold:

  • to make sure that The Focus Academy focuses (pun intended) on the right ideas and features
  • to lay the foundation for a solid and smooth customer service

To think about our customer journey while we didn’t even have any customers yet was hard, but it turned out to be a really valuable exercise for The Focus Academy.

Bart Van Wassenhove, Founder – The Focus Academy

Understanding the stakeholders

The first steps to shape your offer: to understand who your stakeholders are and to identify the problems and expectations of your potential customers. So we organized a stakeholder workshop with the TFA team and conducted problem interviews with people from the four key segments we had identified in that workshop.

Janao during her internship at Quest Studio
Totally ready for the interviews...

Shaping the solution and service

After we sketched a very clear picture of the problems and expectations of the four target groups, we selected the right ideas to answer their needs. To fit these ideas in the right service model, we organized a couple of workshops with the TFA team to think about what the journey of their future customers should look like.

The selected solutions and the ideal customer journey were then validated during a set of solution interviews. During these interviews we also found out the price the customers would be willing to pay for the solutions of The Focus Academy.

We generated a plethora of interesting insights during the solutions interviews: we found out which solutions would work, but also what price customers would be willing to pay for those solutions.

Janao Denys, Service Designer – Quest

Shaping the customer journey of The Focus Academy

By mapping and analyzing the entire customer journey of its B2B customers, we managed to make sure that The Focus Academy was able to send them an invoice months earlier in the journey than initially foreseen.

Janao Denys, Service Designer – Quest

Shaping the customer journey of The Focus Academy

Key outcomes

Some of the key outcomes of this project:

  • The Focus Academy knows for sure they solve a real problem.
  • The Focus Academy knows that they’re offering the solutions their customers are looking for.
  • The Focus Academy has a clear indication of the price the customers are willing to pay for that solution.
  • A number of redundant steps were eliminated from the process a customer has to go through, making the customer journey easier, more effective and more intuitive.
  • A number of ideas were generated to make the customer journey more fun and surprising.
  • Business model change: We managed to make sure that The Focus Academy will receive the money from their B2B customers months earlier than initially foreseen.

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