Double Materiality Assessment

Embarking on a sustainability strategy can be overwhelming, especially with accelerated regulatory demands. If you’re grappling with where to start, how to gather necessary data, or how to define and prioritize sustainability issues critical to your business, our Double Materiality Assessment offers you the crucial insights you need to strategically incorporate the social and environmental needs that matter most to your business.

How do we help?

Our Double Materiality Assessment not only analyzes the external impact on your finances but also scrutinizes the impact your company has on the planet and people. We help you shape a relevant sustainability strategy by looking at all essential ESG aspects of your business. This is how:

  • 1


    We understand the context and scope and identify all relevant stakeholders and potential material topics.

  • 2


    We gather information from various sources, engage with stakeholders, and align your priorities with those of customers and other stakeholders. Your material concerns are then mapped on a double materiality matrix.

  • 3


    We integrate insights into your strategy and communicate outcomes thoroughly to all stakeholders.

Key outcomes

A Clear Double Materiality Matrix

All your sustainability priorities are mapped in one clear visual. Easy to understand and communicate.

Compliance with Legislation

Stay ahead of regulatory pressures, from CSRd to TCFD, by proactively addressing and complying with evolving legislative requirements.

Improved Decision-Making

Gain a competitive advantage by efficiently allocating time and resources to manage risks and opportunities across ESG topics material to your business.

Engaged Stakeholders

Enhance transparency, reputation, and trustworthiness while ensuring alignment and support from all stakeholders throughout your sustainability journey.

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