Sustainability Strategy & ESG Roadmap 

In an era where investors, consumer demands, and regulations compel organizations to take concrete action on sustainability, setting a strategic response is more critical than ever. But where to start? We craft impactful sustainability strategies with concise roadmaps and clear targets. We empower organizations to navigate evolving expectations, continually assess progress, tackle risks, and seize the right opportunities.

How do we help?

While the strategy focuses on the “what” and “why,” our roadmap defines “how” and “when” to execute the strategy. Through workshops and assessments, we gather insights to establish a clear path to meet stakeholder expectations and maximize your positive impact.

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    Gap and Benchmark Analysis

    Using our Impact Scan, we analyze industry trends and competitors, identifying crucial issues for your operations and defining future opportunities aligned with your business objectives.

  • 2

    Double Materiality Assessment

    We define crucial topics for prioritization by assessing the impact of future changes on your organization and evaluating your current impact on the planet and people.

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    Developing a Sustainability Strategy

    Engaging with internal and external stakeholders, we co-create a future-proof sustainability strategy, meeting stakeholder needs and regulatory requirements.

  • 4

    Setting an ESG Roadmap

    We provide actionable steps to prioritize objectives across all sustainability aspects, ensuring measurable impact over time and compliance with regulations. We make sure all internal stakeholders are up to speed and fully engaged to turn your roadmap into reality.

  • 5

    Embedding Sustainability in Your Business

    We equip you with tools and capacity building to communicate your sustainability initiatives and progress transparently, avoiding greenwashing and engaging stakeholders effectively.

Key outcomes

Comprehensive Industry Understanding

A holistic approach to your organization's role in the industry, highlighting opportunities and risks while creating value through strategic focus.

Future-proof Strategy

A strategy with defined KPIs and targets, aligning with customer needs and stakeholder expectations.

Actionable Roadmap

Hands-on, actionable steps to bring your strategy to life and measure impact over time, ensuring engaged stakeholders and compliance with regulations.

Quest has been a great support on our sustainability journey. Their passion is matched by their concrete, actionable ideas, ensuring our initiatives aren't just hypothetical. Quest is transparent, critical and a challenger. They are a reliable partner to get to the next level!
Simon Maillet, Sustainability Manager @ Cordeel

Client results

Creating an impact strategy for a flooring company

Creating an impact strategy for a flooring company

The limit your footprint programme

Our goal for this project was to devise a sustainability strategy that positioned modulyss as one of the key sustainability leaders in the space.

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