Quest's Sustainability Copywriter Anna

The Quest team welcomes our newest Sustainability Copywriter: meet Anna!

The magnificent seven are here! We are delighted to announce that Anna Soressi will join Quest as our newest Sustainability Copywriter & Content Marketer.

Skilled writer eager to drive change

A small-town girl with a hectic agenda, Anna set off to find her happy place in this chaotic world. She lived and worked in Italy, the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. As she joins the Quest team, she is coming back to a place where she already left a piece of her heart.

Anna describes herself as an open-minded and outspoken person, two traits that she believes are essential features of her writing skills. During her international experience, she had the chance to explore, both academically and professionally, global sustainability issues, from environmental to social. She got interested in Quest in the first place because she wishes to use her privileged stance to drive positive and impactful change in the world. 

International communicator with a literary flair

Anna majored in Foreign Languages and Literatures, with a minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, and holds a Master’s Degree in Comparative Literature and Publishing.

With her eclectic background, Anna is experienced in content development, copywriting, and SEO across a variety of industries from big corporations to dedicated NGOs. She joins Quest after a crucial experience in Barcelona at an impact agency specializing in sustainable food systems. There, she learned that every job can be, and should be, a sustainable job. She now seeks to put her expertise and skills at the service of social impact and development work to help guide and support impactful change, and we believe that Quest is definitely the right place to do so!

Through her sound knowledge of SEO marketing, Anna will be responsible for writing and optimizing content for all possible communication channels for both Quest and its customers. She’ll also play an integral role in defining communication and advertising strategies across several platforms and digital spaces.

Wanderer bookworm

In her free time, Anna makes use of her literary degree, devouring any written content she can find. When she’s not making her way through yet another page, she loves to travel, especially to visit her many international friends and all the places she once called home.

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