Impact Accelerator

Impact Accelerator

Create more positive impact faster with an impact strategy that perfectly balances purpose with profit and strengthens your image.


A clear impact strategy

You get a clear impact strategy based on user and employee insights, industry benchmarks and your overall business strategy.

Quest Impact Scan

Extensive competitor insights

You will receive an extensive summary of your competitors’ communication and positioning on impact and a visual summary of how you compare to them.

A hands-on roadmap

You get a hands-on roadmap, co-created with and supported by all relevant departments from your organization.


1. Review impact assessment

To know how to accelerate your impact you first have to get a full overview of what you’re already doing. That’s why our impact accelerator program is always preceded by our impact scan our by a review of another (internal or eternal) impact assessment.

2. Market and competitor research

We find out what’s happening in your market in terms of sustainability and we analyze all your main competitors’ impact strategies and actions.

3. Customer interviews

We listen to your customers to discover how they think you’re creating impact and how they think you should be creating impact in order to strengthen their loyalty.

4. Define priorities and impact strategy

Based on our Impact Scan and the insights we gathered on your competitors and user needs, we facilitate workshops in which we select the right priorities and co-create an impact strategy that will help you strengthen your position.

Quest Impact accelerator

5. From strategy to concrete tactics and actions

Now that we’ve created a clear strategy, it’s time to turn those beautiful words into beautiful actions. Inspiration sessions, workshops, presentations, …: We co-create those actions with the employees from all relevant departments, making sure your vision is supported across your entire organization straight away.

Quest Impact Scan

Need a future-proof organization?

Accelerate your positive impact with us.

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Impact Scan

With the Impact Scan, you will gain insight into what you are doing well and where you need to improve in order to stay ahead or to at least follow the competition.