Quest welcomes 4 new changemaking customers

Full Cycle: tackling 3 global problems at once

Full Cycle is located in the mecca for startups: Silicon Valley, in the United States. The company uses food waste as feedstock to create the biodegradable bioplastics of the future. With their fully circular solution, they tackle plastic pollution, food waste and climate change all at once. In short: the perfect customer for Quest.

Their questions:

  • Can you create a new logo and visual style that truly sets us apart in our sector? Check our case study for the result.
  • Our current website delivers the wrong kind of leads. Can you build a website that helps us reach and convert the right ones? Our case study is coming soon, but you can already check the result of our work.
  • Can you design our investor pitch deck?

New Cotton Project: delivering a blueprint for circular fashion

Finnish biotechnology group Infinited Fiber Company have led a successful bid for over €6M of European Union research and innovation funding, to form a consortium to create a circular fashion industry blueprint. The New Cotton Project’s 12 pioneering consortium members include a.o. Adidas, Fashion for Good, and H&M and have HQs in Finland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, and Turkey. These organizations work together across waste management, recycling, retail and manufacturing to define a new circular fashion system and business model that (they hope) will lead to industry-wide adoption.

You can read the full article about New Cotton Project on Forbes.

The consortium spans 7 countries: Finland, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia and Turkey

Their questions:

  • Can you create a fitting logo and visual identity for our innovative consortium?
  • Can you create a website that strengthens our image and helps us to inform all stakeholders on the impact and progress of the project?

Read the full case study on our website or check out the website we made for the New Cotton Project.

Omina Technologies: ethical and trustworthy AI

Omina Technologies is an ethical and trustworthy Artificial Intelligence company active in Europe and the United States. Omina believes that:

  • artificial intelligence should be available to companies big and small.
  • data should be handled ethically and with respect for privacy.
  • artificial intelligence should be explainable and transparent.

Their question: We need a new name, logo and visual identity for our new AI platform. Take a look at the result.

Herwin: the movement for social circular entrepreneurs

Herwin strengthens social and circular entrepreneurship by lobbying on social employment policies, representing its members towards unions and by supporting them on:

  • competence management
  • training and formation
  • reuse, smart energy and food-saving projects

Their question: can you make our website more user-/member-friendly? (work in progress)

Welcome to our community Full Cycle, New Cotton Project, Omina Technologies, and Herwin. We look forward to helping you maximize your impact.

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