Inclusive personas tool

Inclusive Persona

What is this for?

Our inclusive personas tool will help you put yourself in the shoes of your customers.

Better understanding your customers and their values will give you insights into improving your products or services to elevate their experience

This persona template is a little different from others you might find. Not including a picture, age, name, or gender is a deliberate choice to make persona’s more inclusive. By oversimplifying the complexity of a group of individuals, most persona templates create stereotypes instead of useful customer archetypes.

With this template, we’re challenging that practice by focusing on users as real people.

Try it with your team!


  • 1

    Print the Persona Template

    Print a persona template for each segment on an A4 or bigger format.

    TIP: If you’re planning to do this exercise with your team, print the template in a bigger format and use sticky notes to fill out the boxes.

  • 2

    Score your organization

    Score your organization on each topic of the 5 categories by coloring in the number of boxes corresponding to your score.

    TIP: Talk to people in your organization to get a full picture. Maybe they know about sustainability initiatives or systems you didn’t know about.

  • 3

    Fill in Persona Template

    Fill out each box with all the information you have about this segment

    TIP: Talk to your users if you feel like you don’t have enough information about them.

    TIP: Keep in mind that aspects like gender and age can be very fluid. You might exclude potential user groups if this is not considered.

  • 4

    Supplement your Personas

    Supplement your personas each time you discover new information about your users.

  • 5


    Share the Quest Impact Scan with your company, set-up your sustainability initiatives with allocated budgets and start working towards a more sustainable and resilient business.

Looking to dive deeper into your user insights? Eager to learn more about building non-discriminatory personas? Get in touch.

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