Find your why

What is this for?

This tool helps you to identify what really drives you as a company or as an individual.

All businesses, organizations, and careers operate on three levels:

  • Why we do it
  • How we do it
  • What we do

We all know WHAT it is we do: what products we sell, what services we offer, or what jobs we do. Most of us also know HOW we do these things: our processes or actions, and how these are different compared to competitors or other people.

But do you know WHY your company exists? Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur trying to find more fulfillment, or a company wanting to become more purpose-driven, finding your ‘why’ is the best place to start. 

Once you know what your real purpose is, your next moves will become clearer, and communicating your impact will be easier than ever.


  • 1

    Print the Find Your Why Template

    Print the find your why template on an A4 or bigger format.

    TIP: If you’re planning to do this exercise with your team, print the template in a bigger format and use sticky notes to fill out the circles.

    TIP: Fill out the circles from the outside-in, from what you know to what you need to discover.

  • 2

    Identify WHAT you do

    Fill out the outer circle and ask yourself these questions:

    • What products do I offer?
    • What services do I offer?
    • What skills do I offer?
  • 3

    HOW you do it

    Fill out the second circle and ask yourself these questions:

    • What actions do I take?
    • What processes do I follow?
    • Which methodologies do I use?
    • How is this different from others?
  • 4

    Focus on WHY you do it

    Your why is what sets you apart from everyone else. It’s what inspires you to take action, but it’s also what inspires others to take action, spread your ideas, or buy your products.

    Fill out the inner circle and ask yourself these questions:

    • What is my purpose?
    • What do I believe in?
    • What drives me as a person or as an organization?
    • Why does my company or organization exist?
    • Why do I get up in the morning?
  • 5


    Communicate from the inside out, starting with your newly identified why.

This tool is based on the ‘golden circle’ framework created by Simon Sinek.

Looking to dive deeper into your WHY? Get in touch.

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