Sustainability Consulting Meets Creative Design Agency

Sustainability Consulting Meets Creative Design Agency

Quest is a B Corp-certified Impact Design Studio on a mission to transform how organizations measure, maximize, and communicate impact. We’re not just consultants; but a powerhouse that blends strategy consulting with creative design to create human-centered brands and solutions that drive true positive change. But what does that mean? Let’s break it down.

Measuring, maximizing, and communicating sustainable impact

At Quest, we use the term impact as an all-encompassing approach to sustainability. While environmental issues are the most pressing concern for the greater good, they cannot be the sole solution. We also have a responsibility to take care of our communities and the people within them. Business plays a crucial role in leading these intersectional solutions.

Fortunately, the focus on taking all stakeholders (including our planet) into account has never been greater. Companies worldwide are racing to claim progress on impactful goals, and the number of ESG consulting firms is increasing exponentially. That’s good; the world urgently needs to shift toward a more sustainable future, and we need all hands on deck to make it happen.

As a service provider, we asked ourselves: how can we maximize our impact? For us, the answer lies in combining a holistic, strategic-focused perspective with a design-centric approach. While other organizations focus on one solution (such as carbon footprint measurement or policy compliance, etc.), our unique contribution is combining ESG goals with interconnected action. We believe this is the winning, all-encompassing approach to measure, maximize, and communicate positive impact effectively.

Sustainability Consulting Meets Creative Design Agency explained

Combining Sustainability Consulting & Creative Design

Pairing up sustainability consulting and creative design may seem like an odd combination, it’s almost an oxymoron. And, indeed, we get often asked: How do these two sides of the business come together to contribute to sustainability and scalable impact? 

Sustainability consulting provides the analytical framework and strategic roadmap for sustainable practices, while creative design brings the vision, aesthetic appeal, and a compelling narrative for these initiatives to scale and thrive. 

To achieve collective ESG goals; it’s about effectively communicating the journey, engaging stakeholders, and inspiring action. We ensure that sustainability is not just integrated at the core of your organization but also maximizes its impact by making it visually appealing and tangible to key stakeholders.

Designing the future of ESG

The contemporary business landscape is swiftly evolving as new purpose-driven companies emerge, while an increasing number of corporations are finally recognizing (or are forced to), the value and necessity of integrating purpose and sustainability into their core strategies.

This is where our expertise comes into play. We created these two sides of our business to support organizations, regardless of where they stand on their sustainability journey. Whether it’s helping purpose-driven businesses scale solutions or assisting larger companies in measuring and improving their sustainability strategies and goals, we address these diverse challenges by providing all-encompassing, impact-driven, and human-centered solutions.

Whether it’s measuring impact and defining materialities, developing traceability platforms, or crafting powerful brand stories, we go beyond the regular sustainability consultancy, creative agency, business advisory, etc. We holistically craft impactful roadmaps for improvement tailored to your business needs, effectively aligning planet, people, and profit. Always.

Impact design User & planet centricity Ecosystems thinking

Impact design

Innovation through co-creation
Iterative process
Balances impact + business

User & planet centricity

Inclusive & holistic process
Responsible & inclusive design
Social & planetary needs

Ecosystems thinking

No more egosystem
Value through collaboration
Accelerates systemic change

Our Methodology in practice

Reporting is the perfect blend of our two service lines, effectively showcasing our combined expertise. Typical reporting service lines focus solely on compliance, identifying key metrics, and selecting suitable reporting frameworks. But our work doesn’t end there. We support by designing and delivering top-notch reports, effectively using them to engage with stakeholders.

Take our collaboration with Cordeel. A simple PDF template wouldn’t have been compelling enough for the construction company’s stakeholders. Instead, we created a web format instead, offering not only a more engaging and interactive user experience but also laying the groundwork for their future reports. This successfully transformed Cordeel’s sustainability report into a powerful and impactful asset. Check out Cordeel’s impact report now!



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When multi-national carpet tiles manufacturer, modulyss, needed an in-depth analysis of its customer journey across key target groups, we set out to create a roadmap that would optimize the customer experience & sustainability initiatives. Our distinctive approach involved crafting a forward-looking customer journey seamlessly integrating sustainability and customer experience. The result? A comprehensive playbook featuring proven tactics to enhance modulyss’ customer experience and ESG initiatives. The twist? After this project, we supported modulyss in the launch of their circular service line – helping find the right way to communicate this initiative.


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In 2023, we partnered with health and personal care organization KeyPharm in its pursuit of B Corp certification. Achieving an impressive overall score of 94.3, KeyPharm became a B Corp leading the way in its industry in Belgium. While many view the B Impact Assessment as a primary hurdle in their certification journey, overcoming it is only the beginning. And that’s where we come in with our B Corp program. We supported KeyPharm through tailored training, particularly focusing on the continuous journey post-certification. Our emphasis was to navigate this new landscape effectively and communicate the importance of this achievement to all stakeholders. The goal is not just to achieve certification but to thrive afterward. Spoiler alert: the only way from here is up.

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